Having a child is the grandest act of climate destruction

Not having a child, in the developed world at least, saves 59 tonnes (tCO2e).

Most parents are worried about what await their children in a world devastated by climate change.



@darkstar procreation really isn't hardwired into the human psyche.. Instincts are to do things that led to children. But they don't anymore, and pregnancy en child rearing is also something that seems daunting to people. That's why it goes down so much with increased wealth and womens education.

Also "in the developed world, at least"? I really 59 tonne/year i doubt, US's is 16tonne/year, does a child really use that much more.

It's just an article that saps people's energy, i don't see the point..

It also ignores the wide disparity between poor and rich and industry complicity.

It's a newspaper held by conservative capitalists, you cannot expect much of climate solutions in there.

@darkstar hope being negative towards the article isn't being misinterpreted...

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