A lot can be said about moxie's web3 post.

I'd like to consider just one sentence here.

"People don’t want to run their own servers, and never will."

First part is true. But why?

Even my grandma can install android apps. Apps have become so easy because big tech pushed for it to be. Big tech never developed the concept of set-top box-like homeservers, not in their interest. If pushed like apps, homeservers would be easy too!

People don't want to? They never were given a proper chance to!

Ergo, if development effort was put into making homeservers as easy to set up as a set-top box, people maybe would run their own servers.

So they never will? If we push for sane decentralization with solid tech for at home, they might just in the future.

@yarmo how good are Linux distros at it? I mean, they're already doing this job, really the concern is if they fail sometimes.

And the other problem is dealing with the internet, like getting a domain name, constant IP, etcetera?

Federated systems don't solve this for people, but other decentralization bittorrent or tox.chat do.. yggdrasil-network.github.io/ can pass along any server, which is nice. (even with occasionally-down servers suppose might use it with RSS or something)


@yarmo with yggdrasil, do wish they had a commandline argument to turn sharing local servers. Can do that in the config by setting `IfName` to "none", or using the IPTables instructins in the FAQ

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