Still interested in phased telescopes..

People are interested sending satellites >500AU away for using the suns gravity as giant lens.. But connecting multiple telescopes seems more accessible, although that's also hard to pull off.

I was thinking of beam splitters(half reflectives) but this makes way more sense.

Als je om rechten vraagt moet je die van anderen niet ondergraven 

Zo'n bord vult me niet echt met vertrouwen, noch dat mensen met de naam van halfgaren zoals David Icke rondlopen.

Maar het zijn vaak ook halfgaren. De meeste mensen denken niet dat in een cape met "truth" erop rondlopen enigszins overtuigend is dat je de waarheid weet.

Het rechterplaatje zou wat mij betreft strafbaar moeten zijn.

Via Studio040 beelden.

Made a thing from "garbage" and a lens. (and some tape and glue)

For looking-through (in principle you could make one looking at the surface) baking paper did a lot better other types.

Maybe a sliding box design would be less chaotic.

A shitty picture of Andromeda galaxy. Because i found it, and i can. 

I could see it with my eyes, bit better than this much still not much, and could easily skip over that while looking.. (there are image descriptions)

The camera app _does stuff_ to pixels. Next to stars there is often a dark area.(weirdly diffs between the camera's gallery and other image viewers)

Also took images using FreeDcam, it could do more raw Bayer encoding? And i took more images i could combine, _may_be later.

Did no fancy editing, was just messing with gimps color curve tool to try get as much sky features visible as i could get easily that way.

It's from a 10 second exposure.(those make night look like day..) Handily, this phone can be held at an angle using the inside of a duct tape roll.

If you have problems on Twitter, you can use your free speech to talk to this very open, kind-hearted person.

I tried the idea of using cling film drawn into a ~hyperbolic(right?) shape using a pressure difference on a cling film.

And then pouring in some epoxy and letting that set.

Messing around imagining how a computer might work.. very roughly..

xdot is nice it also updates automatically when the file changes. Makes it pretty convenient.

What wicked webs arch linux packages weave.

If you look at it using `| xdot /dev/stdin` tooltips show descriptions, versions.

It doubles some lines but i'm leaving it for now.. Also it doesn't do "Replaces" and those virtual ones that'd make it even more messy. (it already only goes upto some depth)

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Het raakt misschien nu harder, maar het was altijd zo; olie en gas steunen een aantal slechte regeringen.

Plaatje gejat van

At least I guess they did need to get Osama Bin Laden? More competent approaches were possible.

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