📰 India Targets Climate Activists With the Help of Big Tech | Naomi Klein
> [...] human rights advocates are warning that India is on the knife edge of terrible violence, perhaps even the kind of genocidal bloodshed that social media aided and abetted against the Rohingya in Myanmar.

Twitter shut down dissident accounts but left this up:

> “Whoever has seeds of anti-nationalism in their mind has to be destroyed from the roots, be it or anyone else.

Allow me to you.

(not super) shot with spotting scope through window. Just used gimp exposure with black level 0.005 and exposure 1.5, just to scale it up and "kindah substract athmosphere glow.

>This one's been a long time coming. Trump's second term was an existential threat to democracy and it was no time to be picky about our allies, but the election's over now, and ex-Bushite neocon scum shouldn't get to walk away from their past so easily.

Fucking shits continuing ruining immigrant lives and will get us Trump 2.0

Sometimes i explain things poorly.. The pitch is (number_of_neigbours + 8*number_of_neighbours)

Here is a version you can just point at a file paste.sr.ht/~jasper/adcbc2c010 (if you have the dependencies.)

Also i was just curious how it would sound.. I think maybe it can be made to sound more interesting? Probably not without changing the code a bunch. (and possibly feeding in an interesting graph)

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Messing around with graphs and sounds a bit

Basically it
1. each node has a counter deciding where to go, incremented each visit.
2. it increases the pitch for each neighbour
3. it increases the pitch with a 8 times larger step for each shared neighbour before and after a step.
4. It does nothing with the letters actually.

Silly enough i don't actually know where it is during the sounds..

> Five days to go. I don't care how radical you are, get your ass to the polls.
Will probably appear on 9mmballpoint.blogspot.com/ tomorrow.

While ago made this .. wall of sound?(blame me) Earlier ffmpeg or firefox screwed up, so didn't upload it.

Source code can be found here ojasper.nl/notes/sounds/orca/

Actually made some more stuff since.

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Marijnessen stond nogal prominent in de eerste binnenzijde.. Het is toch geen eenvrouwspartij?

En heb beetje het idee dat mensen die denken dat de SP vooral beloftes maakt, een beetje bevestigd in hun blik met deze messaging..

Ook willen ze "meer politie op straat".. Plz no.

Ook veel goede dingen zoals tegen de woningsnood en toeslagenaffaire.. sp.nl/krant

En een artikel met Anand Giridharadas sp.nl/krant/2020/eerlijke-econ (journalist bij NYT, hmm wikipedia zegt voormalig)

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On my camcorder planets shit again.

This time i "simulated" images from a hypothesis image and compared to the real image. I added the difference to make a delta image(left)

To the right, the subsequent images made by "compensating" with the deltas, and then using the new image as new hypothesis.

The squared-difference score gets better, but the image visually worse.. I think maybe it's caused by an incorrect model of the pixels.. In the raw videos, you see those horizontal lines..

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Still want the best possible image for Saturn from that camcorder to get an image from Saturn and got this..

Finally put the cropped videos in gifs.. Lol shouldah done this first, see what the input is properly.

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