At least I guess they did need to get Osama Bin Laden? More competent approaches were possible.

Mucking about a bit with the shapely Python library.

Can't play with colors this way though. Seems like i'd have to separate elements bit and then mess with they svg data..

👎 well, except for unreal engine z points up and y goes up to the right when looking in the x direction. (Btw, minetest has y up too.)

(via opinion mine)

Dit twitter draadje van is wel handig, zag een paar ervan maar had de context niet door.

(plaatje niet in het draadje)

📰 India Targets Climate Activists With the Help of Big Tech | Naomi Klein
> [...] human rights advocates are warning that India is on the knife edge of terrible violence, perhaps even the kind of genocidal bloodshed that social media aided and abetted against the Rohingya in Myanmar.

Twitter shut down dissident accounts but left this up:

> “Whoever has seeds of anti-nationalism in their mind has to be destroyed from the roots, be it or anyone else.

Allow me to you.

(not super) shot with spotting scope through window. Just used gimp exposure with black level 0.005 and exposure 1.5, just to scale it up and "kindah substract athmosphere glow.
>This one's been a long time coming. Trump's second term was an existential threat to democracy and it was no time to be picky about our allies, but the election's over now, and ex-Bushite neocon scum shouldn't get to walk away from their past so easily.

Fucking shits continuing ruining immigrant lives and will get us Trump 2.0

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