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If you look up McCarthyism, people define it as "accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence". But really, it's reactionary red scare stuff.

Some moss fell onto a window, and there is a microscope here, so messed around a bit.

I think the max is only 40x on this thing. (it has 80x in red, it might be that.)

I didn't see anything moving.


> BREAKING: An investigation revealed secret talks have been held between senior civil servants and representatives of major US pharmaceutical companies on NHS drug prices.

> It's clear the Tories AND Lib Dems cannot be trusted to safeguard our NHS against any disastrous trade deal.

No idea if anyone is close enough to attend, but just in case,

has a live show at Cornell University's Johnson Museum 10/26 at 4:30pm

Quite a while ago I did end up making an evolving one with a little stack language, each character a different command. Code just stuffed in the url. (aside, probably helped inspire char_ismatic)

This guy starts as M,01S9<b1R,0g1+0s,0g97*>b1R00s,E99*99**95**>b0P (randomly, success is too rare)

The P at the end is "procreate" it is "evolving", it has to have darkened enough pixels for it. It does mutate too.. Often the mutation is early and kills it.

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Gave it a quick shot... uh it can't really include everything..

Some bits really require longer texts. Abused one node, which is really a connection.. Uh "official of department of housing and urban development during bush" is kindah a three-way connection.. Suppose it can't do time that well too.

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🗞️ Charles Koch and George Soros Team Up to Fund New Anti-Interventionist Think Tank

> [..] Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, which launches in September, include Trita Parsi, founder of the National Iranian American Council, and Andrew Bacevich, retired colonel and Vietnam War veteran — both outspoken critics of U.S. military and foreign policy.

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