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"Mussen", sparrows, probably, seen from window, with same camera i shot venus with

Hmm. bash is 8.2MB installed, zsh 6.2MB, lua 1.1MB. Thought bash would be tiny..

How did Damn Small Linux do it.. if bash eats 8MB of the 50MB.

ls -sS $(pacman -Ql bash |cut -f 2 -d ' ' |grep -v "/$")

You can use as case. And you probably should.

Mine is a bit bigger than it'd like, i added a little comparment with a strip of plastic, some aluminium tape. (Some regular tape on there too) Hopefully also reduces rattling. (, )

My mother cam across a handicam she has. It's resolution is not very high, but it's optics are very good!

Manually setting focus to ∞. So i had to point it at the moon and venus! Venus was more or less a blob, but i realized, Venus is brighter than full daylight here, so it's waaay overlit. I manually set it down, and it looks like it actually sees the crescent!

lockdown, horror 

covid-19 kills but the lockdown is horrible too.

THIS is what not going to the barber does to people.

Uh it's not grabbing the image the post with the fair link.. I'll do it manually then, here's all the news outlets paying 's capitalist-friendliness with pure love.

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Volgens Kees Boonman is "niet eng of ingewikkeld" om Thierry Baudets toespraken te vergelijken met de jaren dertig.

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📰 TikTok Livestreamed a User’s Suicide — Then Got Its PR Strategy in Place Before Calling the Police | Paulo Victor Ribeiro

So.. this happened. (feel free to see link above as FTR)

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