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> This is something the Bernie or Bust crowd overlooks way too often. Their argument is that by letting things get worse, we push the system past its breaking point, until people are willing to accept radical alternatives. Theoretically, this makes sense. But ask yourselves this: if people know that us leftists were partially responsible for their suffering, why the hell would our radical alternative be the one they choose? [..]

Looks like it's not really improving the images..

Maybe try some more later, eventually.. If i wanted to do it faster/use the whole video, might use OpenCVs Template Matching functionality..

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Thought "what if made positions based on best location to overlay based on the previous method".. Last image in the list below.

It does look a little sharper to me? Took > 2060 seconds to compute 14s of footage, though..

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@astro It looks better if i add some pixels to the cropping. Below is Saturn and Venus, both grainy & processed, 876 and 1450 frames respectively. I don't consider this resolving the rings.

The average pixel value should be centered, but is instead right-down.. Some thing is wrong there.. Hope it's just that.

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the part of the image to use is done by threshhold and position by average of position weighed by pixel values.

This one does positions for all colors together again, which seems better. But it also averages positions obtained from nearby frame. Seems a little better.

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@astro using the power of programming, i cropped the to venus, and turned the pixelated image into a vague image with poorly conceived combination of video into an image.

First image is a raw frame, second it figures out the exact shift and adds them together where it actually draws on a bigger "canvas".
Last image took the positions per-color and then recombined everything.

That last one seems to keep the horizonal line artifact, a bit, not sure why.

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Dus ik zag een drone.. En mijn schattige camcorder filmde het. @eindhoven (gelijktijdigheid enige bewijs van relatie)

Volgens mij(zover ik zie!) gaat het hier vooral over een stel idioten, maar ben niet zo fan hiervan...

"Mussen", sparrows, probably, seen from window, with same camera i shot venus with

Hmm. bash is 8.2MB installed, zsh 6.2MB, lua 1.1MB. Thought bash would be tiny..

How did Damn Small Linux do it.. if bash eats 8MB of the 50MB.

ls -sS $(pacman -Ql bash |cut -f 2 -d ' ' |grep -v "/$")

You can use as case. And you probably should.

Mine is a bit bigger than it'd like, i added a little comparment with a strip of plastic, some aluminium tape. (Some regular tape on there too) Hopefully also reduces rattling. (, )

My mother cam across a handicam she has. It's resolution is not very high, but it's optics are very good!

Manually setting focus to ∞. So i had to point it at the moon and venus! Venus was more or less a blob, but i realized, Venus is brighter than full daylight here, so it's waaay overlit. I manually set it down, and it looks like it actually sees the crescent!

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