🎞️ Star Trek DS9 - All Constables Are Boneless | Renegade Cut (21min)

Auch harsh on Odo, and i feel stupid for not realizing it.

🍞 🎞️ The Pagan and Anti-Capitalist History of May Day | Angie Speaks (18:36)

🎞️ George Monbiot on capitalism & climate breakdown.

100% agree consumer choice, focus on the big things, drastic reduction of meat consumption, flying, and commutes.

And even if you don't agree with the inevitabilty of capitalism(or aspects of it) always trying to expand, it is quite evident that particular capitalists we live under do&openly argue just that.

🎞️ Taking The Red Pill... BACK β”‚β–ˆβ•‘β–Œ πš…π™΄πšπšˆ π™Έπ™Όπ™Ώπ™Ύπšπšƒπ™°π™½πšƒ π™³π™Ύπ™²πš‚Β²β° | Peter Coffin (47:18)
youtube.com/watch?v=VMU-YjVGiG 🍞

Max Blumenthal searches for communist dictatorship at Venezuelan luxury mall | The Grayzone (7:55)

Ocasio-Cortez & Markey Unveil Sweeping β€œGreen New Deal”[resolution] to Radically Shift U.S. Off Fossil Fuels | (~10min)

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