> JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Was unconstitutional. And as the Bloomberg administration saw that she was about to rule, they started a clear campaign, quietly. Unlike Trump, who tweets against judges, they tried to convince all the newspapers of the city to write damaging editorials and exposés of the judge as a means to get her removed from the case.

goes at full steam through the summer, as the news doesn't stop either.

📻 💬 A Vote to Maintain Apartheid? Israel’s Netanyahu Set to Win 5th Term After Vow to Annex West Bank

Turnout 68.4%, looking at wikipedia, seems fairly stable. Mentions 1,200 hidden cameras at polling stations, and the perfume ad .

> Armed with hammers, crime scene tape, baby bottles containing their own blood, seven anti-nuclear activists secretly entered Kings Bay—one of the largest nuclear submarine bases in the world—under the cover of night. Their goal was to symbolically disarm the six nuclear ballistic missile submarines kept there. Each submarine carries 20 Trident thermonuclear weapons.
📻 💬

Ocasio-Cortez & Markey Unveil Sweeping “Green New Deal”[resolution] to Radically Shift U.S. Off Fossil Fuels | (~10min)

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