not having the same $PATH in mind has i have is the type of annoyance that happens more...

(the solution is to export the path in ~/.xinitrc)

Sometimes it seems you can just run the command, but when does the exact same thing, it's cursed and doesn't work. (even if you pass `$DISPLAY`)

Wish that in modes could inherit from each other... see people saying it's "too complex" ..

As it is i have to copy a whole bunch of stuff in, if i really wanted to, i'd write a little script to generate the config.. now that is more complex.. :/

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Fun fact: i dont have too many tabs open 

I actually have stacks of too many tabs open.

In scrolling on status bar annoyingly changes workspace, easily fixed with

bar {
...your pre-existing things..
wheel_up_cmd nop
wheel_down_cmd nop

Hmm new idea: currently numpad keys with numlock sends me to workspaces.. And cycles through windows if the same workspace, imo significant improvement over the default.

What if rapid succession of two numpad keys does something different, like the second keydown selects the window.