📰 Too Much Combustion, Too Little Fire | Kris De Decker

often produces hot takes, this one especially so.. Still different perspective, i guess.

"to improve energy security, we need to make the power grid less reliable"
lowtechmagazine.com/2018/12/ke (Kris De Decker, originally written for the UK Demand Centre.)

A world without trucks: underground freight networks |

Wonder if there are places that are particularly suitable for this, what size of cargo to pick.

Aerial ropeways: automatic cargo transport for a bargain |

For instance 350 tonnes/hour over distance of 665m for 53kW..

The bright future of solar thermal powered factories

The 100 companies responsible for 71% of CO2 emissions largely emit through fossil fuel use. toot.cafe/@baldur/100866134010 (i'd be remiss to not mention we use some of the products)