@sj @be why don't they kill Android and bury it in a shallow grave?

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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(cw: anxiety inducing) democracynow.org/2022/8/8/scho

> So we[the US] are a lot closer to dictatorship than I think anyone realizes.

Can the EU please stop this export of dictatorship.

@xvilo een ventilator blaast lucht rond. Het koelt omdat je dan meer water van je huid kan verdampen.

Maar het koelt de kamer zelf niet.. Als het s'nachts buiten kouder is dan binnen kan een ventilator misschien meer lucht naar bnnen blazen...

Unfortunately I can't be there, but I support it of course remotely. If you are in or near #Rotterdam, if you support the cause (what all my followers do of course), and have the energy and space, please join the No Border Camp at the Giessenweg (see 📍)!

OPEN Rotterdam: *Tentenkamp in Spaanse Polder als protest tegen inhumaan vluchtelingenbeleid*

"In Spaanse Polder is maandag de bouw van ‘No Border Camp’ gestart. Activisten vanuit heel Europa bouwen het tentenkamp om aandacht te vragen voor het menswaardig opvangen van vluchtelingen in de Europese Unie en in Nederland.

Voor deze actie waren geen vergunningen aangevraagd, maar vanuit de gemeente is er maandag toestemming gegeven voor het kamp, zegt de persvoorlichter van het kamp. Van dinsdag tot vrijdag 12 augustus zijn er verschillende activiteiten op het kamp, waaronder verschillende workshops, tentoonstellingen, optredens en films."

:youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=0hhmn1Ipfi

🌐 openrotterdam.nl/tentenkamp-in

📍 openstreetmap.org/#map=19/51.9

#NoBorderCamp #Netherlands #migrants #refugees #refugeeswelcome #NoBorders #SayItLoudSayItClearRefugeesAreWelcomeHere #NoNationsNoBordersStopDeportations

It is wild just how many academics I've met in Political Science who openly dislike and don't value theory
To the extent where someone was proud to tell me they don't read theory or history and dissuade their doctoral advisees from doing so

Very anti-intellectual in my opinion and emblematic of how neoliberalism and the movement away from learning to learn is turning academia away from a space of cultivating thought

Sorry I’m Late, It Was Geo-Fencing! A friend had an unexpected walk to a wedding when his e-scooter geofenced range was reached.


#escooter #geofencing

#MeltingGlaciers in the European Alps (and elsewhere) accelerated by algae

"Here we show that the biological darkening of glaciers (i.e. the bioalbedo feedback) is also occurring in the European Alps"

They also point out that this acceleration is not in the models yet.


re: swastika flag 

@Tay0 @paullammers if you're afraid of being eradicated, maybe you shouldn't refer to a regime which actively wanted to eradicate people.

I have no sympathy for people who bring in this kind of symbology. I would strongly suggest to farmers to push out people with this kind of ideology, if they do not want to be associated with it..

re: swastika flag 

@Tay0 We have the most intensive livestock industry of the world. Vast numbers of animals per square kilometer. We are not feeding only outselves, we are exporting more meat per annum ($18 billion) than the entire agricultural industry of Texas does ($8 billion).

And we don't have a country as large as Texas. The mispresentation here is another one, which is that reducing emissions somewhat(!) would kill the entire(!) industry and leave us all to die of hunger.

Again, that's not what is asked of them, so it prevents a real conversation about what is. What we need is not difficult for the farmers. It is difficult for the industry, who look at nothing but yield.

@kat yes.

> It is considered the best method to directly image habitable exoplanets.

Citation needed, i guess. Maybe large enough (distance between elements of) optical phased arrays aren't feasible enough..

The Wikipedia image seems really confusing to me, the "lens star" is probably the sun(not stated on picture) and the observer is represented with an observatory somehow(actually looks more like satellite), and the observed planet is somewhere near the source star.. not the lens star..

Right now I'm skimming over the rest of Lua's code to see if there's anything I missed.

To start off with there is a builtin "upval" in every function's closure named "_ENV" storing the global scope as a table. Which interests me since overriding this allows you to declare a sandbox for your code!

There's dissassembly routines for debugging.

Lua implements its own UTF8 library, as for a light buffered abstraction around file I/O.


From 📌 researchgate.net/figure/a-Devi

I read some distortions that don't matter in regular telescopes matter here because it throws out the phases and directions. Think polarization must be projected correctly.(The E and B field is what's adding; "interfering")

A beamsplitter approach might be able to deal with some identical errors on two telescope inputs. Although like i am not sure what the effect of a not-quite-50-50 beamsplitter is..

Suppose i am not very far along in looking at this...

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Still interested in phased telescopes..

People are interested sending satellites >500AU away for using the suns gravity as giant lens.. But connecting multiple telescopes seems more accessible, although that's also hard to pull off.

I was thinking of beam splitters(half reflectives) but this makes way more sense.

Here's the first weapon sheet I made in collaboration with my friend. We'll make one of these per week for the foreseeable future, building a world around them at the same time, him writing the lore and me illustrating it. I'll post more details on the illustration process on my Patreon as I go ~
#theWorkshop #theLudarium

Is there like a very dumb, very simple way to do a hardware "tor condom"?
I am imagining a hardware device that can sit upstream and either acts as a tor tunnel itself, or will simply not forward any non-tor traffic upstream.

Thinking about countermeasures for the attack scenario "an attacker drops a malicious payload on a victim machine in an attempt to deanonymise. I figure if the victim host machine can't see the clearnet that becomes much harder.

Feedback on political careers seem more likely and largely explain said bad choices. Still, all of Putin, Xi and Biden have a lot of freedom in what they can do and not lose their positions.

I think it is actually peoples choices. Of course, that makes me a lot more angry at them.(2/2)

@BillySmith tbh i am not really sure the model is falsifiable?

Or well defined? Like how can the parties punished for the irrational choices? Like i.e. the US suffers away from lack of regulation choices causing financial crisis, it suffered a lot from stupid invasions. "Feedback" but policy change? You'll have to wait a long time.(1/2)

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