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The extent of sea ice in the Kara Sea (#Arctic, near Siberia) has fallen to a record low for the date...

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Just held a persons hand as they died alone, without their family or loved ones by their side. Glad you enjoyed your meal. twitter.com/lozzafox/status/13

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I kinda miss the aesthetic of big honking hardware cards. The biggest issues were speed and power consumption, but it's hard to beat the ruggedness. I've seen some similar cards coated in decades of dust and other industrial detritus that still keep working


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Vanaf vandaag (1 december) is de opvang voor dak- en thuislozen in het kader van de winterkouderegeling gesloten. Dat betekent dat zo’n 100 mensen weer op straat staan. Draadje, incl. oproep tot actie! #NiemandOpStraat

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@jk for over a month I've been thinking about this kick ass bowl someone made 2114 years ago

Farewell, Arecibo Observatory
Thanks for taking out that Bond villain

Europe’s back in lockdown, and the European Central Bank is releasing billions of euros in pandemic relief funding – and giving it to coal, oil and gas corporations like Shell and Total.

This money is meant to help people and economies recover from the Covid-19 crisis. Instead it’s supporting companies responsible for environmental and human rights abuses across the world. ACT NOW to help stop this from happening

Its December 2020 and that means the SDF Plan9 Boot Camp Winter 2021 is now open for registration. Want to participate? email 'membership' to request your SDF.ORG slice.



What do you call the operating system?

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poetry generation, sorta jiggly video 

using simplex noise to explore the parameter space of this generator...

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every day for the last week i have thought about this hare that lived 518 years ago

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This is a sight we hope we won't see again in the near future.
30 named storms in a single Atlantic hurricane season
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Details bit.ly/37pxH6J

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