Ik stel voor om alle pionnen van het grootkapitaal op een dag juridisch ter verantwoording te roepen. Blok staat vooraan in de rij.

#klimaatcrisis #kapitalisme
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Jee @ministerBlok van EZ én Klimaat doet huilie huilie over het Vestigingsklimaat voor arme grote bedrijven. Niets over onze te redden toekomst of hét Klimaat en de taak die belastingvoordeelsnoepende multinationals hebben om weer een bijdrage te leveren.


Excellent graphic in De Volkskrant today. Who infects who? The top labels are Source, with unvaccinated on the left and vaccinated on the right, the side labels are Recipient, with vaccinated on top and unvaccinated on bottom.

Cheers from my family to yours :)

(It’s so lovely to be able to see my parents again after two long years.)

Fundraising TNI 

Finished the bikeride! Got a bird of paradise flower at the finish line.

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And this is why I still buy and rip CDs and DVDs, or download and save in DRM-free formats: so that what I’ve bought remains with me, unless *I* delete it.

QT v0max: Just a reminder that when you "purchase" music online, you're not buying the music, only a temporary revocable license.

I noticed that several albums I had purchased years ago had silently disappeared from my library. When I contacted @apple, they told me it's not their problem.

UK, violence, toxic masculinity 

3 men in #Birmingham #England, of a wide range of ages and ethnicities, have been killed due to violence in the "night time economy" just weeks after lockdowns are lifted...

I always consider it a bit of a "cop-out" when police claim "mindless violence" - is it not their job to try and work out why crime happens?

But it needs more than just police to deal with sheer level of anger and toxic masculinity on the streets today...


There is just barely not a tumbleweed blowing by in the background as they do the story.

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@joenepraat hij is "importeur, slachter en vleesleverancier van bijzondere wildsoorten" (volkskrant.nl/nieuws-achtergro )

Ook zag ik Honorary Consul for Bulgaria in Ghana en Ghana-Netherlands Chamber of Commerce

En schrijft artikeltjes o.a. op linkedin. Zoals een waar hij Ghana adviseerd bevolkingsgroei tegen te gaan, of dat Afrika goed op covid-19 gereageerd heeft, dat Ghana een slecht land is kippen te houden. Maar ook wat meer reactionare dingen over hoe vroeger alles simpeler was in Nederland..

@joenepraat tere zieltjes.. Ik denk dat het harstikke meevalt met dat verlies van klanten. (hierdoor, tenminste)

It's so funny when people stand in front of a huge boring-ass grass field of plowed mud with little biodiversity, and exclaim where the world is going because there is going to be a solar power plant here.

Like i suppose, at least they're making something with the area? But i really think solar might well be a better use, yeah.

Although when i look at roofs, i think, a lot of those could have more solar panels... And occasionally parking lots could be roofed..

The Scottish #citizensAssembly of 2020/21 was concluded earlier this year by the way, results here:


Sadly I don't think it got a lot of publicity... Strategic media silence?

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OP STRAAT VOOR EEN LEEFBAAR KLIMAAT. Op 6 november organiseren we de grootste Klimaatmars ooit, om 13.00 uur op de Dam in Amsterdam. De #klimaatcrisis is NU! We hebben geen tijd te verliezen. Sluit je aan! Kijk op klimaatmars.nl #Klimaatmars @klimaatmars

@quoll get those quiet little things that sunk an aircraft carrier in an exercise.

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