M58 is a barred spiral galaxy located in the constellation of Virgo. The bar can be seen as a bright line moving from upper left to lower right near the core of the galaxy.

With "total" optics i mean that i've only really photographed it through the window, or open window. The latter seems to actually be worse due to hot air flowing out. Which affect optics too.

Alas don't think the optics get better than the pixels.. At least just sticking the phone behind it with a clamp thingy.

Also wondered about taking pictures of a few stars, and then trying to combine them again. I.e trans/rot-ate onto each other, take the average, and then compensate for the atmosphere.

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Hmm i dreamt getting a ridiculously good picture of mars with my phone attached to the spotting scope.

On the real scope i have to zoom into the pixels and the optics(total) are less accurate than the pixels.

i looked at this like "idgi" for way too long before being filled with white-hot rage and exclaiming "fuck you" at my screen

@vfrmedia not entirely sure what's going on here, but doubt it is that.. Think politicians kindah want to shift the transition to poorer people and simultaneously point at that happening to bash the transition.

Saw a "how it's made" and they were using a tonne of copper for it. I don't get it use translucent tubes and blacken it on the inside of the tube.

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Maybe should mention solar collectors, since they actually produce the heat themselves. It's insolated tubes translucent on one side and black on the inside, which heats up in the sun you pump the liquid inside to cool down and release heat inside.

If you say it that way, it doesn't sound complicated.. Suppose a disadvantage here is that solar cells might already taking the space.

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Almost exclusively the weather is mild here?

Plus, afaics, you could convert an air-heat pump to a ground one later, by moving it to a lower floor and piping it into a device in the ground. You might also want to add sensors/modify how it's controlled.

Don't think gas-to-electricity efficiency is more than 60%, so even there, it could be more efficient.

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🎞️ Heat Pumps: the Future of Home Heating | Technology Connections

In the Netherlands they often talk about that they're too expensive? Given the equipment he shows, this seems unlikely.

I also feel it's almost exclusively about pumping heat from/to the ground. See no reason this is needed. Not sure if that fan is noisy, but could instead use floor or just a big panel on the wall?

I'd recommend everyone to read the headlines on democracynow.org/ they're thought out, they're very short to read, the titles are not there to get clicks(they're rarely shared online as separate units anyway)

They're also in the democracynow.org/democracynow. (other options democracynow.org/pages/help/po)

It can help hearing about news abroad, which our media often misses. (or "misses")

Maybe i overrate following the news a bit though.

Biden not immediately reinstating the Iran deal is an enormous failure, which i really didn't expect...

🔗 Applause for Perseverance Ignores Plutonium Bullet We Dodged | Karl Grossman
1/960 chance of release (lower than the chance of the rocket exploding)
> Plutonium-238 is 280 times more radioactive than plutonium-239, the isotope used in atomic bombs and as a “trigger” in hydrogen bombs. There are 10.6 pounds of plutonium-238 on Perseverance.
So we're basically promoting nuclear weapons there, which may be worse than potentially spreading the plutonium.

In Memoriam – Angel doorbraak.eu/in-memoriam-angel

Angel was een trans vluchteling uit China. Op 26 februari 2021 sprong ze in Echt voor een trein, omdat ze kapot was gemaakt door het Nederlandse asielbeleid.

Morgen 14:00 uur is er een wake/protest in A'dam.

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