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PERSBERICHT: Klimaatactivisten van @Ende__Gelaende blokkeren een van 's werelds belangrijkste waterwegen met kano's @anp @NOSRadio1 @RTLnieuws

mpv can play midis in a zip and a 1G zip can contain >100K midi songs.

I guess computer big.

(not sure if MPD can play midi, probably? DB will get a bunch bigger tho)

Faster than the speeding light she's flying
Trying to remember where it all began
She's got herself a little piece of heaven
Waiting for the time when Earth shall be as one

imagine the superpower to corrupt any database your information touches

Actually, there is one thing much worse than justified text. Long pages of CENTERED text are shit. A lot of old personal websites used it as a lazy default. Horrible reading, because when one reaches the ene of a line and the eye jumps back to catch the next line, the inconsistent placement of the first word can be a right proper speedbump!

This is why left-aligned text is a good standard. Consistency!!!

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ARGH I hate justified text. Varying line length is much less disruptive of reading flow than the random large gaps between words caused by stretching all the lines "neatly" from margin to margin. Big potholes in the text give me a bumpy ride.

World Social Website has so much to say on the 1619 project

Found via a video by Angie Speaks (pretty sure she's been online flamewars over this.)

Basically allege that abuses certain tendencies to push race-reductionism to prevent class solidarity and keep the culture war going. (ruling class playing both sides)

Bruce Schneier is looking for a new home for his library of cryptography "books, conference proceedings, journals, and monographs" — all 150 feet.

**IJzingwekkende willekeur bepaalt het verloop van je leven**

"Hartverscheurend. 57 mensen verdronken in de Middellandse Zee. Zo’n kort, feitelijk bericht. Saaier, emotielozer zie je nieuwsfoto’s zelden. Afstandelijk. Je scrolt er zo overheen, afgeleid door beelden van juichende Olympiërs. Alsof we het niet mógen zien. Al is dit wel toepasselijk voor een o…"

#opinie #nieuws #bot

283 tests (which run in ~0.08 seconds, because JSDB is just that fast) and none of them caught the multiline strings bug I ran into yesterday.

100% code coverage doesn’t mean 100% correctly functioning code (or even crash-free code).

Mind you, the thing with having 283 tests (now 284) is that once you’ve fixed something, you know that 283 other assumptions you had about your code are still valid.

#testing #JSDB #SmallTech #SmallWeb

In Duitsland komen honderden activisten samen voor acties tegen gas en de bouw van een nieuwe LNG terminal in Brunsbüttel! Power to the People! ✊✊#EndeGelände #ShaleMustFall #CleanGasIsADirtyLie #EG2021
RT @Ende__Gelaende
Das Camp füllt sich. Wir freuen uns auf euch! ♥️ #EG2021

Ja het is wat om vier koeien veilig te laten rondlopen ...

Schotse hooglanders op terrein van Europarcs Resort aan de dood ontsnapt. De dierenarts was besteld, maar weigerde de spuit te geven

Fracking, a highly destructive method to drill for natural gas by breaking shale rock. It is draining water reserves, poisoning the surrounding and has caused a rapid rise in methane leaking into the atmosphere.

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🗞️ U.S. and Russia Hold Nuclear Talks in Geneva
> [...] The two countries possess about 90% of the world’s nuclear weapons.
🗞️ Macron: Polynesians Owed “Debt” for French Nuclear Tests

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