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Curved lithography of a light detecting chip for a camera with a curved focal plane.

(suppose this one could actually make sense, someday, somewhere?)

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(not that such protype is needed to write an article about it)

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So, I'm on Pixelfed now. Follow me if you like strange human trivialities and introverted perspectives.


🔗 How to Build a Low-tech Solar Panel?

(note: no working modern prototype)

Day 8 of #rnadtober ; #glow.

I started out just experimenting with a technique I'd seen kasey golden using but no idea of what I was going to draw.

It ended up being a little #mushroom. Pretty happy with the results.

#inktober #drawtober #mastoart

#rnadtober day 10: #wing

A quick, improvised 'flying wing' aircraft. Think it came out ok for something I did in a rush.

#inktober #drawtober #mastoart

Thanks to all our listeners who stuck with us for ten episodes already! 🥳

Besides the fancy #octoprint on #pinephone setup shown in the picture, this time on #postmarketOSpodcast:

* #swmo (you guessed it, #sxmo on wayland!)
* #waydroid
* #xfce4 / #mate
* msm-firmware-loader
* new postmarketos-mkinitfs / boot-deploy

f(x,y) = (-(((-x) % (x ^ y)) | ((y & x) * (~x)))) % 2

Extent: 256x256 (scaled x2)

"Onebit" colouring scheme.

Galaxies also come in elliptical types. These are more balls of hundreds of billions of stars with no disk and generally no dust. (M49 shown)

Beard hair, extreme close-up 

It felt like something tiny was stuck in my beard. After some fussing I pulled out a hair that had what seemed like a little knob, or growth on it. I grabbed the microscope (my partner got it to make art years ago), and had a closer look. There was a single knot on there!

#rnadtober day 6: #berry

A golden raspberry. Drawn entirely whilst on a train. Pretty pleased with the result!

#inktober #drawtober #raspberry

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