@uther Ik vond die horizontale schermen en grote keyboards die uit elkaar vouwen vroeger wel handig. :-)

I am looking at commune.chat/ and I have nfc what they are trying to do. It comes off as an alternative chat client for matrix, but with extra steps.

My most expensive USB stick to date... (€130 if you have to ask)

@jasper The state in which CO2 lives is the biggest issue, the second issue I guess it that there is no industrial need to have all this CO2 if people do manage to capture it.

I hoped back in the day scientificamerican.com/article would see some kind of large scale industrial application that would solve two problems in one go, but no.

@jasper It is rather ironic that the progress of mankind that made the average human life longer and be able to progress faster is also the same reason why it's damaging the planet. It is the question whether progress will be fast enough to solve these issues.

Shame that filtering co2 out of the atmosphere and fishing plastic out of the oceans have so few business cases ( to name only a few), it would otherwise solve these problems in the next couple of years.

@unfa I joined to , stayed for the OSS content that are relevant to my interests.

@unfa Every time I go on Twitter I regret entering that toxic pit of despair.

@jasper Which is the case with everything really. I also seem to know a lot of urbanites who want to safe the climate, but are also materialist consumers, buying the latest gadgets while replacing/discarding a perfectly functioning device in the process.

I somehow feel the anarcho-primitivist lifestyle may hold the key in solving this issue. Although a more realistic method should be achieved.

50+ hours into Death Stranding and there more plot twists than in a ribbon wrapped around a surprise.

I will finish this game to see where it leads me.

Voorbeeld: of
rechter fluit Enschede terug om onterecht ingetrokken bijstand ivm waterverbruik.

Kunstmatige intelligentie bij de overheid:
geef een kind een hamer en de hele wereld wordt een spijker.

@jasper I like the live action Cowboy Bebop. All but one actor was miscast (Jet), the twist at the end was disappointing, it alienated the core fans of the franchise, fighting scenes were terrible, just as much as the writing. And I can go on. But this all good, because: inverse.com/entertainment/cowb

Because this would hopefully stop Hollywood from butchering any other beloved anime franchises.

@freemo Gives Döner kebab an odd meaning if you think about it.

As an player I am really hyped about this.


When was announced and they showed the first screenshots, it looked like upscaled assets and skins. But Enfusion is something different.

I cannot recall being this hyped for a while...

While this meme seems funny and all, there is some kernel of truth in there if you look at the Logging chapter of The Twelve Factor App development methodology. 12factor.net/logs

Sinds kort weer wat dating apps aangeslingerd, het is nu al deprimerend! 😅

@freemo As someone who plays combat flight-sims I can agree with this. =)

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