Self-host all the things! If you're looking for a good idea of alternatives to services you can self-host on your homeserver or VPS, take a look at this list:


That list is my default go-to if I need valid alternatives for proprietary and/or hosted services.

However, it should include a notice or documentation for best practices. Self-hosting does come with more responsibilities and regular maintenance, that isn't always very clear for newcomers.


This is one of the reasons I am going to offer setup and sysadmin for self-hosted services (at least on OpenBSD). Not everyone is savvy enough to follow instructions (like or to see what it actually entails.

It's the benefits of self-hosting without the disadvantages.

@h3artbl33d nice! You could also could name it "hosted but under nicer terms" :-) btw, do you have an RSS feed for your blog (couldn't find one)?


There are a couple of things I want to think out a bit better, like hosting the VPS (by default) with OpenBSD.Amsterdam on the name of the client. So they can kick me out whenever they'd please.

Theoretically, I am able to get this up and running on the own infra of my company as well, but most likely, I am doing this strictly under my personal name.

About RSS: good point. Just threw it in there - you can use the feed from now on in your favorite reader :)

@h3artbl33d thanks for enabling RSS. Articles are excerpt only now, maybe nice to enable full-text articles?


I noticed that yeah. Have to rewrite parts of the plugin for that - put it on my todo list (which is, ofcourse, hosted on NextCloud, on-premise).

@mdbraber It actually saddens me that many neglect RSS - as it's one of the many really cool things Aaron Swartz came up with.

May he rest in peace 💕

@h3artbl33d TBH I see more and more people using RSS, so I'm not sure where this idea of "neglecting RSS" actually comes from. I think it was always relatively small and hasn't shrunk so much, as just grown slowly. After the demise of Google Reader actually much more RSS related services sprung up


I remember reading an in-depth article that stated so. Can't find the link right now.

As to the services - exactly. My favorite reader is Feedbin ( - the source is up on GitHub for self-hosting (Ruby).

@h3artbl33d yes, I've been a happy Feedbin customer for years too. I could self-host, but I enjoy sponsoring Ben's development by being a paid subscriber


Same here. It's one of the very few hosted services I use. His recent work to cut out Google Analytics etc - really appreciate that.

@h3artbl33d @mdbraber Self-hosting is way too much trouble for most people. Some people think of being a sys-admin as a hobby. Others do not. If you're in the latter group self-hosting is just not worth the trouble.

@teleclimber @h3artbl33d that's completely true. I enjoy it. And there's also middle-ground to do "one click installs" like many VPS providers offer

@mdbraber @h3artbl33d 1-click installs are interesting. I haven't used them yet. My question is: what happens after the install? Because installing a self-hosted thing is half the battle/ Keeping it up-to-date, going through migrations, mitigating problems is the other half, and it's the kind of things that takes up time in the evening when I'd rather be doing something else.

Another angle is containers. The paradigm there is more convincing for self-hosting I think.

@teleclimber @mdbraber

Sorry was on an unplanned hiatus.

You are entirely correct. There needs to be a proper one-click update mechanism and a user needs to be made aware how important that actually is.

That's true. Also have a look at the website of prism-break.

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