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There was a few hours outage for because of a filled up HDD. Should be fixed now.

Dear users - so far maintaining has just been a project I've done out of my own pocket. I would be okay to keep providing the service at cost if we can find a way to cover the hosting + domain costs (~15eu/month). Who would be willing to donate a small amount per month to keep using

Any mastodonians from #Norway?
Dutch security specialist and hacker Arjen Kamphuis has gone missing near Bødo.
Please Retoot this.

Julian Assange associate and author of "Information Security for Journalists" Arjen Kamphuis has disappeared according to friends (Ancilla Tilla van de Leest) and colleagues. Last seen in Bodø, #Norway, 11 days ago on August 20.

#missing #MissingPerson

Change yourself and you have done your part in the changing the the world. Every individual must change [their] own life if they want to live in a peaceful world.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Debugging is like being the detective in a crime movie where you are also the murderer.

Het taal filter lijkt niet echt goed te werken op de Federated timeline, dan maar gewoon terug naar de Local Timeline..

thoughts on identity verification in fediverse context 

@kaniini A heads up, if you're not aware: Keybase and Mastodon are working on a format for secure ID verification. You may want to get in on that.

thoughts on identity verification in fediverse context 

People always talk about webs of trust and so on, but actually, that's not what really matters.

What you want to prove is that the same person who controls these:

Also controls:

This proves it's the same person and the UI can reward them with a checkmark.

IndieWeb has the basis of a good solution for this since 2008, called rel=me.

You can read about it at and then come back to this thread, probably not a half bad idea really.

Here is the gist of how this would work. In various software, you would set a list of links to things that are also you.

So, on, you would link to:

And so on, forming a cyclic graph of rel=me links.

Whether or not an identity node is valid can be determined by following the cyclic graph and seeing if the graph is complete. If it is, then you get the checkmark. If it's not, then you don't.

This, incidentally, is similar in nature to the the concept behind my ActivityPub alsoKnownAs proposal, but there it is just checking AP objects for completeness instead of webpages.

Note that no cryptography or anything else is involved in this, it's just following links around on things known to be controlled.

Wow, go Norway!

By 2040, Norway has promised all of its short-haul flights will be on electric aircraft. It could revolutionise the airline industry.

oh shoot this is actually really useful

like it doesn't give all the nitty gritty details, but as an overview this is fucking incredible

Hallo. Ik ben . Ik volg iedere interessante Nederlandstalige om de globale tijdlijn mee te vullen. Ik word beheerd door @metbril. Laat het me weten als je een tip hebt.

My lovely wife got me a one day one-on-one blacksmith session at Cracked Anvil Forge for my birthday last month. It was today, and a very productive day it was too.

I made a small tomahawk from half an old farrier rasp, folded and forge welded together, and a draw-knife from 100 year old buggy springs. Also a small piece for Dad for Father’s Day next month.

Just came across this 5 year old post from Pippin about using the_title_attribute instead of the_title and wondering why twentysixteen is using the_title. This very issue has tripped up the IndieWeb community trying to add mf2. ...

@mdbraber @mikeverbruggen Er zijn periodiek Indieweb meetups in met name Amsterdam. Zie voor een overview. De organisatie is er niet altijd heel scheutig mee. Vandaar dat ik een keer dacht om iets te organiseren. Maar nog niets praktisch gedaan.

@frankmeeuwsen @mikeverbruggen was jij ook niet een tijdje terug aan het nadenken over een indieweb meetup of was die juist al geweest?

Wie weet hoe je *echt/officieel* een permalink naar een status / toot kan delen binnen de fediverse, zodat de link binnen de webapp of mobiele app opent?

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