If an admin of a proprietary closed silo social network had treated me like the admin of treated me the last 24 hours....

- my account silenced without clear explanation and warning
- t&c changed/amended without notification
- account suspension within 12 hours.... starting in the evening.... in a weekend
- export of my data did not work, i notified admin before account suspension was complete, no response
- no effort shown yet to help get my data back not recommended

@mrb This perfectly shows 2 things.

1: The importance of finding a suitable home instance, which means finding someone or some organisation that you trust with your data. Remember that mastodon admins have access to all toots, including direct messages, in plaintext. There is a reason they are not called private messages. Additionally, you should also feel comfortable with their rules, or expect them to shape the rules together with the community that they are creating on the instance.



2: The immaturity of Mastodon as a social network. It's still mainly a place for marginalised groups / radicals. Whether it's in technology (the infosec / data science / privacy community is overrepresented. That makes sense, since we are eager to jump on new technology) or the LGBTQXYZ+ community. This leads to the fact that it's hard to find instances without radical rules. Therefore, I think it's very important to get also random other communities on the fediverse. See!


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