Any suggestions for a sub 1kg linux notebook? Usage: remote devops while traveling (backpack)

My current system is an Asus c101pa chromebook but linux capability is not stable enough and i cant use chrome because of lack of usb hardware support (cant use my with gpg key and )

Other than that, hardware specs of the c101pa are more or less sufficient, weight is most important.

boosts appreciated


I thought maybe my xps was light enough but it weighs 1200g, it's a few years old though. maybe the new ones are lighter? the 13 inch is only 12" * 7.75", about 14" diag


@robjloranger the xps is indeed one of my favourites as well, but ~250g heavier than the LG. Still considering it though, because I think it is a better machine in general and probably has better linux support.


ya the linux support is great, I've had no issues. This one came with Ubuntu but I have moved around between Gentoo, Arch and back to Ubuntu. The wireless card in mine isn't too hot but mostly it's ok. I think it's an Atheros

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