Top annoyance with my Note 2 : the hyphenation is all wrong and can't be configured nor disabled.

@mrb If that is your "top-annoyance" then I consider this E-reader the best available.

I'm an avid e-reader user (Kobo) but there's so much wrong with the state of e-books and e-readers, that hyphenation is at least two miles down the list of "top things that must be fixed" :D. For me.

@berkes yeah, from a reading point of view, there are a few other small things, but overall, I'm very happy.

Out of curiosity, what are your top annoyances?

@berkes having said that, I've only been using this model for a week....


1. PDFs. Reflow is horrible. E.g. papers (often 2-cols) are unreadable
2. notetaking. E-ink is just too slow for interaction such as typing or highlighting.
3. Extracting the notes. Currently I use some clumsy python scripts to export all notes to plain-text so I can re-import them. Terrible UX.
4. platform lock-in. Kobo has its own (terrible UX) shop built in. Connecting other shops is impossible.
5. DRM. passing on books after finishing them is impossible (but fine with paper).

@berkes I hear you.

I specifically chose the larger screen onyx (android based) to give me options (like creating my own app or replacing the launcher).

Coming from a Kobo as well, some of your points have definitely improved enough, for me at least, to be called "not annoying" ;-)

@berkes @mrb I've had a remote interest in e-readers for as long as they were a thing, but never really got interested enough to buy one. I just love books way too much.
Personally, I'd pick out the e-reader that has the best Calibre integration and pirate all books I can't buy DRM-free. It doesn't make sense indeed that if you buy something, you can't store it on your own hard drive or pass it on to someone else.

@stevenroose @mrb With me, using the Kobo shop is plain old lazyness.

When I finish Discworld 8, I can hit a [Buy] button and continue reading Discworld 9. The invoice is sent over mail.

Instead of getting out of bed, hunting for a USB-cable, booting calibre (Kobo+calibre works like a charm), transmission torrent and download, convert, upload Discworld 9.

(Discworld is great, BTW).

@berkes @mrb Yeah maybe I read books more slow and I'm more picky with my books. Since I read so little and quite slow as well, I spend quite some time picking books to read.
I usually buy them second hand on eBay or so. I love old books.

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