first selection criterium on chosing a bank today: does their app work on rooted phone without google services?

I'm on my third bank app now, the last one functioned till a week ago with help of , but stopped working today.

customer service didn't care much (they did suggest removing root and installing google services though)

@mrb That's an interesting question. I know the ASN app works on my phone (with GPS), but the wallet app won't, probably because I have an unlocked bootloader or I'm running the OnePlus beta. Frankly that could be reverted, the beta is over for this device anyway.

Which bank apps did you test so far?

@mrb I have an old phone with Lineage on it, not entirely sure if/what google services it runs - I could give ASN a try. Or are you just going to install the app, see if it launches, and assume it works if it does?

@mrb also I'm pretty sure I installed the gapps package from Lineage, so me testing wouldn't really help you that much, come to think of it.

@doenietzomoeilijk I typically test on many phones/configs. In the end it's almost always possible to get it to work, but with certain inconveniences (magisk hide / limited features etc)

I dont mind that, but want to know which ones!

They dont tell you, so it's hard to decide without trying (and they change their mind along the way)

if only they were upfront, and not use the vague "for security reasons" argument..

atm, it just stops working at some point which is a when travelling

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