While I now am reasonably effective on the keyboard, I can't work on any other "normal" keyboard anymore... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@mrb interesting, I've been thinking of switching (see what I did there?) But the possible learning curve is preventing the change. How was it for you?

@lopeztel the most important for me was to get a layout configured incrementally. This is easy to do but painful, because you need to relearn after every change

once the config stabilises a bit it gets easier faster. For plain texts, i'm pretty much dialed in now and very fast typing again.

Still working on navigation, number, function keys and braces/parentheses etc.

@mrb so coding would be a bit of a challenge 😂 thanks for letting me know

@lopeztel yep, quite frustrating in the beginning, but being able to optimize (for example for lisp dialects) is one of the things I wanted to experiment with

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