I think I will keep running the Qua instance on invitation mode for a while. The amount of work to silence spam linkers is just too much.

To give people a chance to sign up without contacting me, I will start posting some invite links; weekly or so.

Here's the first:

@mrb Hello, is it possibile that this is related to the fact that new posts on are not displayed on Mastodon? Or is it just my account that doesn't send toots anymore? Thanks!

@kappazeta in theory it should not be related,

I just did a quick test with the debug account and the federation notices are posted properly by the looks of it. I'm seeing the notice on where I follow the debug account.

I will keep an eye out in the logs, feel free to test with the demo account (or your own)

Thanks for your quick reply! I've posted something yesterday, no toots appeared, this morning I deleted and re-posted it but no toots again. I cannot figure out what's going wrong nor where... (but I am really not very technical) I follow my account (manunkind) with this Mastodon profile I am using.

@kappazeta I see the notices posted to so I think the side of things looks good.

Some things to try:
- unfollow / refollow @manunkind
- see if it works with the demo account on qua

I have followed your qua manunkind account, so I will get the notices too if you do a test post

Thanks a lot, I did the follow/unfollow thing, now I'll try some tests.

Just made a test, it worked! I still do not understand why it didn't work with the other post, though...

@kappazeta @manunkind I've seen it before, so there is definitely a glitch somewhere, either on or the mastodon side.

Glad it works for you now.

Re-posted, it worked. Thanks a lot for you help, if you have an idea of what might have happened, I'm curious! Thanks, again.

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