Pretty strongly feel git comments are overrated. Document your code & functionality, not the history of the code..

@jasper why not both? I find good git comments invaluable for solving issues, discovering techniques and other code exploration.

@mrb _maybe_ if it is a big community project, it matters. But if you're just starting, just make as good a comment as you can do in a pinch..

I don't think people doing their own software project should feel like they might be doing git wrong, when for the actual software it produces,(assuming documentation is good enough no-one goes throw the history to figure it out..) it 99% of the time, doesn't matter a damn.

@mrb Maybe i don't read other peoples code/git messages enough, and don't appreciate.

But kindah think the way it works is in the code and documentation?

Suppose if the codebase gets bigger, maybe things are harder to tease apart.


@jasper it's probably a personal preference. For me, if the git comments explain the what and why concisely (and briefly) it saves a lot of time in many cases and makes working, for me, with the repository a lot more enjoyable.

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