bootstrapping a compiler...

That's a first in, I dunno, 25 years. Last time it probably was gcc on an HP-UX (apollo 425 I think) cluster I bought from university leftovers

@paulgatling yeah, and loving it!

Such a joy to work with a machine which is server grade, well designed and fully open.

Well I'm certainly envious, I've been looking at those systems for quite some time now!

What OS did you install on it?


@paulgatling I've had my eye on one since 2018 I believe. When my thinkpad broke down a while ago, I got a Talos II to replace a couple of machines.

Using multiple OS-es, but my main os is arch linux

(or rather )

Very cool! I didn't know arch had a power64 version! How is the fit and finish of the machine? Is it loud? Any idea of is current draw?

@paulgatling i have bought the machine at @vikings with their standard case. (phanteks entoo pro 2)

The noise level of my config is almost zero, once booted.
Obviously depends on cpu config, extensions, drives and load.

Power draw according to the bmc in the machine is between 50W and 100W depending on load. Typically around 65W in normal use

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