statistics, 80% of emails that come into my server is marked as suspect/refused. Sample size is about 700k

Just in time for my contribution. Slightly different cat of mastodon though. ;-)

Finished the electronics bay wiring of the today. All wiring from the top can be terminated on the ptfix connectors separately. So, that's next.

Wiring up the afterburner toolhead on the

Not sure i am a fan of the molex microfit crimps. They're rather sensitive for wire thickness, which is why I am rewiring the fans. Could also just be the lack of my crimping skills obviously.

Heated buildplate for the is basically ready for assembly. It is a sandwich of magnetic foil, 3M486 tape, casted aluminium plate, 3M tape again and a heating element.

For printing a spring steel plate with a pei foil glued to it is placed on the magnetic top surface.

Working on wire routing and terminal block placement for the today.

Kudos to phoenix contact on providing excellent cad files for all their parts.

Shuffling electronics around in the to find a practical setup. Considering adding ducts and terminal blocks to make it profi looking.

While building the , my current printer has the job of providing me with all the storage boxes for the parts to use.

As the printer design is gpl licensed, you get to play around with every part of it, including the design. This is very useful while (re-)building the printer.

Here's a screenshot from from what I am trying to build.

Spent the better part of last week building the mechanical part of a Voron 2.4 3d printer, almost ready to start wiring it.

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