Took me a whole day to consolidate my configuration to + setup.

Goal was simplification.

- systemd config mistakes can lead to silent failures
- I will never master shell script quoting
- moving window (frame) management to a window manager completely is not trivial
- emacsclient has hardcoded action for -a flag, which makes using sockets harder

Full config published here:

For this specific usecase, I ended up using and sharing my screen typing away in an document.

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I really want to like magit forge in ; it's so nicely integrated, but it is way to slow to be practical for me.

It would be better for me if my capture process was less efficient...

Migrating my config to a ( based setup.

Easy to start, but this will take quite a while to configure for an efficient workflow.

Also, an emacs-lisp language server is not in the list, first thing I looked for. Duh.

Is there an accepted number of attempts to master before being allowed to give up?

Migrated to mu(4e) from notmuch for my email; took me "only" 3 days.

Main reasons:
- rationale of 'state in maildir only' helps me keep sane when using many machines
- refiling messages is natively supported
- format=flowed support
- UI of mu4e, especially compose and attachment handling
- less glue needed to have a complete workflow

Things I lost:
- remote use over ssh (although the 'mu server' paradigm gives me hope)
- tagging

It's all a lot simpler now.

I have been trying to get 'format=flowed' composition right in message-mode for about a year now I think, and I'm still failing.

I feel all the ingredients are there, but I haven't found the right recipe yet.

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