I think I will keep running the Qua instance on invitation mode for a while. The amount of work to silence spam linkers is just too much.

To give people a chance to sign up without contacting me, I will start posting some invite links; weekly or so.

Here's the first:


I've started working on some policy notes for qua.name to try to contain the marketing and link spam posts.


I get lots of bogus account registrations on the qua.name instance.

poker stuff and random links to businesses etc.

bit sad though, because there are no winners in that game, just wasted time and resources.

After forgetting to run '--migrate' for the umpteenth time, it's now part of the deploy script for , so.. yay!

As usual, it literally takes 5 minutes to add it to the recipe, yet I find myself having lots of these "yeah, need to do that at some point" tasks lingering for months.

Now using an trigger to prevent account updates to the qua.name demo account.

Even with such a small instance, there's a remarkable amount of attempts trying to change
the demo username and/or password.

The trigger is a nice solution to this, it let's me use the writefreely 'as is' and it
is a silent ignore on any attempt.

I have enabled a 'demo' account on instance qua.name so people do not need to create accounts to try things out.

People seemed to be creating accounts just to try things for a bit and move on. This is obviously fine, but leaves accounts lingering and skews the statistics. The demo account is a bit of an experiment, as we all know what typically happens with demo accounts, but let's see what happens.


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