@berkes I'm not giving up yet. I want to make it to 30 years of email self-hosting at least. (2026 i think)

Yes, it's getting a little bit worse every year, but it's still very much worth it for me.

If you dual boot Linux and Windows on your machine, be careful with the most recent Window updates!

Microsoft disabled more than 100 SecureBoot signatures and locks out distros like Ubuntu 20.04 or Manjaro from booting on your computer.

You can temporarily disable SecureBoot in your BIOS settings, should you already be affected by this situation.

@jtr does the absence of quotes cause the validation to fail?

there's also no text for the link, which might also cause problems?

@jtr @ryuslash

not sure if it matters, but formally your 'rel' and 'href' values in the link element
should be "quoted"

@berkes lol yeah, i kept a couple of older miners as well to experiment with a similar setup (i.e excess sun/wind into miners that heat water/air)

it's on the looong list of experiments-to-do-some-time

@berkes yummy.

i'm currently looking for a food dehydrator. any advice?

it would be mostly to prepare food for hiking

Website developers. I shouldn't need to “view source” to find out what your RSS feed is.

@veer66 ah, I don't know anything about Lucids capabilities in that arena. Would that affect all menus etc not working correctly?

I don't think it would affect the content-text rendering as such?

@veer66 No, i'm on the latest (GNU) Emacs from their git repo, but do not build with GTK but with the Lucid toolkit

Not sure if that was based on Motif, too long ago.

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