While building the , my current printer has the job of providing me with all the storage boxes for the parts to use.

As the printer design is gpl licensed, you get to play around with every part of it, including the design. This is very useful while (re-)building the printer.

Here's a screenshot from from what I am trying to build.

@ericbuijs I have a blog, but wasnt planning yet on posting updates there for the build but i may reconsider now ;-)

@ericbuijs thanks, enjoying the build a lot. It's very noticeable this was designed by power users, every detail is just right. Highly recommended.

Spent the better part of last week building the mechanical part of a Voron 2.4 3d printer, almost ready to start wiring it.

@juliobiason Perhaps the which-key package is useful? It shows possible key continuations in a delayed menu after you press the first part of a combination. So, the same as those yellow things, but on your screen ;-)


@jasper it's probably a personal preference. For me, if the git comments explain the what and why concisely (and briefly) it saves a lot of time in many cases and makes working, for me, with the repository a lot more enjoyable.

@jasper why not both? I find good git comments invaluable for solving issues, discovering techniques and other code exploration.

@Erik @whiskeysailor
It won't be a surprise, but I honestly believe we'd have a better world if #Bitcoin were to get a chance to replace part of these industries. And given the immense power these industries have over our policy makers, I don't see any other way to get rid of them. Bitcoin is unstoppable, it is 100% neutral and honest; it has no opinion that can be corrupted by wealth and power.
Anyone with internet can use it. Anyone with electricity can mine it. No permission required.

@kappazeta @manunkind I've seen it before, so there is definitely a glitch somewhere, either on qua.name or the mastodon side.

Glad it works for you now.

@kappazeta I see the notices posted to mastodon.bida.im so I think the qua.name side of things looks good.

Some things to try:
- unfollow / refollow @manunkind
- see if it works with the demo account on qua

I have followed your qua manunkind account, so I will get the notices too if you do a test post

@kappazeta in theory it should not be related,

I just did a quick test with the debug account and the federation notices are posted properly by the looks of it. I'm seeing the notice on mastodon.nl where I follow the debug account.

I will keep an eye out in the logs, feel free to test with the demo account (or your own)

@gatooscuro I am not sure what you mean. Can you explain a bit?

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