The best machine I've ever had:

The most important thing for me is that it's perfectly balanced, feature-wise.
Very silent, screen is large enough, battery life is great, fairly open hardware set, repairable, perfect.

It has a great keyboard and no trackpad! With a fast SSD and the bigger battery for it, it gets me a whole day of research and writing. A true joy to use while traveling.

For those in the know:

ok, I know, I know... I should not provision or deploy anything without

Starting...... now!

@rysiek be careful Haskell has a tendency to be the last language you want to learn ;-)

@jboy I shamefully admit to putting something on the list and immediately crossing it off as complete 😳

Jitsi Meet: How many video participants in a single conference room can a self hosted server support? Didn't find a good answer so I tried it out myself:

@0 @stevenroose @dino Updated the cert manually, compliance tests now work.

@0 @stevenroose @dino won't let me submit, says "Credentials could not be verified"
(i verified the test account with two other clients as working properly)

@0 @stevenroose @dino strangely, that literally has never happened in years

@0 @stevenroose @dino I'm in too deep already ;-) This xmpp service has been running for years....

@0 @stevenroose @dino
Thanks for the info!

sftp part, time and knowledge gaps kept me from doing this so far

What I need, which may very well be possible, just havent gotten around to finding out how:

- and are 2 (or more) different machines which all need certificates for, preferably different
- unattended renewal needs to work on all those machines with certbot (this perhaps implies dns auth for letsencrypt?)
- scaling up and down needs to be simple

Maybe try looking for people in public rooms:

There are quite a lot discussions happening there :)

@stevenroose @dino impossible as in "I don't know how to do that with letsencrypt certs yet"

i definitely would like to use letsencrypt.

@stevenroose @dino In my case, that's impossible, because the main domain points somewhere else.

@stevenroose @dino Thanks. I have it installed, but it has problems with my jid ( residing on a server with a cert named as

I haven't dived in if that is a config issue on my end, but gajim (and most other clients) just work for me.

got itself back on my 'always started' list

Somehow there seems to be a renewed interest in ?

@vc4all Is het een idee om in de serverlijst een indicatie van 'drukte' op te nemen? Of de rustigste bovenaan te zetten o.i.d.

@orionwl @stevenroose same here, made me go back and doubt myself if I had really deleted the account.

Not 100% sure about the exact time-frame, but at least 3 months after I deleted my account I still got notifications as if others saw my account as being active.

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