My main problem with (over-)customizing the keyboard layout on the is that I can't comfortably use other "normal" keyboards anymore

statistics, 80% of emails that come into my server is marked as suspect/refused. Sample size is about 700k

If you are using , spent some time looking at the repositories of Nicolas Rougier, there are real gems in there.

So frustrating that many gmail users are unaware that emails from small independent mail servers are regularly dumped into spam, have attachments and/or links dropped, and then get annoyed at me for it. Especially in non-tech circles, they often don't believe it's even possible.

@berkes yeah, the readme is a gift from orgmode which you get for free. I used to be into literate programming, so this appealed to me.

I should dig into my old university archives, I bet I can find some ramblings on emacs (on HP-UX machines at that time) from around 1988-1990 or so.

@berkes this

mine is here

I do not know how long it has been under source control in total, but the current orgmode babel version of it has been for 12 years now.

I seem to recall having started it under RCS or SCCS in the past, not sure. Over the years it has been in CVS, SVN, bitkeeper and monotone

@ryanleesipes daily use: in

using beta for some testing work, mostly when I'm modifying some mu4e behaviour

@evelyn had exactly the same and i wiped the rubber multiple times with an alcohol solution over a period of a couple of days. the rubber had some white residu after that which i treated with a tiny bit of vaseline. looks near perfect now and non sticky

@jrss those are probably posts that originated on anotherr server, which may have a higher limit

@jrss i'll try to remember to drop some toots on it 🤣

@jrss yes, that talk triggered it indeed, although I had nyxt in my TODO list for a while.

First impression is that nyxt is slow, so that will need some attention. (local compilation issue probably)

How it performs with javascript I have no idea. It claims to be webengine agnostic though, so there's some options I guess.

I suspect ( will be my next rabbit hole.

The integration/resemblance lured me in.

Looking forward to playing with a common-lisp controllable application.

@berkes agreed.

the investor is just a convenient proxy (sometimes) to assess just that.

@berkes *nods*

i've seen so many people miss their first steps with good ideas because of this.

especially as an investor I just dont understand, what do they expect?

@berkes yes, it costs time in my opinion, but you end up with a better system (and team).

If you mean net costs overall long term, provided we can do it within the constraints, agreed

answer is just more interesting taking real life into account and be forced to make choices within the constraints

if only to put activities in a certain order and find out that it paid off earlier than originally thought.

@berkes I'd argue that the question always implies: "..within the given constraints of time/budget etc..." even though those may be unknown at the time of asking.

In that context the answer is more interesting (useful?) and almost never evaluates to "everything".

For anyone that does research by searching the internet for images... Have you noticed the the web of images is drying up?

These days everything goes to Instagram, which is the text book definition of a walled garden. Without an account you can't see anything.

What I usually find when searching are old pictures on Flickr or some blog that was abandoned in 2010. I'd say 80% of the hits I get is from the pre-Insta era.

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