sharp knives 

sharp knives 

@kensanata can you change my handle on trunk from '' to '@mrb' ?

@kensanata @selea @jlelse perhaps better in another thread, but what is the hesitation to host own your email?

Once configured I find it nearly maintenance free (i host for 20 people or so).
I've never used the precooked solutions like mailcow(?) but they seem to make life easy for most people.

@jlelse @kensanata gmail is indeed a major hurdle for self hosted email. enabling spf, dmarc and dkim most definitely helps.

the dmarcs reports may be useful to identify who is trying to send mail masquerading as you, but I've learned that for me that it is a waste of time

@kensanata the only reason i use it is to increase chances of getting outbound mail accepted. I never do anything with the reports either.

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