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This is interesting. As fast as light is, it's rather slow when you take into account the vastness of space.

@berkes what, you don't binge watch an entire season? pfff

I think I will keep running the Qua instance on invitation mode for a while. The amount of work to silence spam linkers is just too much.

To give people a chance to sign up without contacting me, I will start posting some invite links; weekly or so.

Here's the first:

@sacha NOS bericht van vandaag gedeeld door aantal dagen dat we bezig zijn vermenigvuldigd met het aantal dagen in een jaar 😃

Huidige vaccinatiesnelheid in NL is ongeveer ~ 3 miljoen mensen / jaar.

@arjenpdevries interested in what you think of the remarkable, I considered it as well when looking for a notetaking device.

@stevenroose @fschaap it does, but if I'm interested I get lost because it's hard to get to the context.

A link to the original would help getting this context.

@stevenroose sad to say I had a similar experience with bitstamp in the past.

That said, any KYC experience gets me grumpy. I had to go through one beginning of december.

Given all the (legal) hoops we and exchanges need to go through now, I doubt there is that much difference between exchanges/providers (at least in NL)

@systeemkabouter thanks for the offer, most of the issues have been resolved (for now).

I'm afraid it will be hit and miss for phones without google services, app devs just assume it will be there until someone points out that their app breaks if it's not.

My solution is just to use multiple apps at any given time. Currently bunq and knab.

I had some display freeze issues in . To my surprise, using the 'Lucid' toolkit instead of 'GTK' solved the problem. (2 weeks of testing showed no problems)

After reading

I decided to switch to make the swithc to Lucid permanent as I have a couple of the problems listed there.

It's mainly an invisible change for me. Basically the only time I see a difference is when emacs throws a yes/no dialog at me.

@systeemkabouter @doenietzomoeilijk herrie is zeker een dingetje. Geluiddichte kast maakt het net te tolereren. 1U fans zijn het ergste, hogere units met grotere/langzamere fans is goed te doen

@doenietzomoeilijk hardware is oud(er) maar ik wil met name meer controle over de software. readynas is linux, maar zit verder potdicht en is lastig opwaardeerbaar

Ik neig naar 2e hands 19 inch unit om zelf te vullen

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