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Trying with It seems to hate the favourites, tusky keeps crashing on fetching them. Early days. (report sent)

@Tusky @dansup

I stumbled upon

3 click photo posting to the fediverse. Nice, it needs a little UI work, but it fits a specific usecase perfectly

Spec wise, I think the LG Gram 13 ( ) comes close to what I want. Given the weight of the 13 I wish LG made an LG gram 10 ;-)

The line seems rather hard to get though (in NL)

Any suggestions for a sub 1kg linux notebook? Usage: remote devops while traveling (backpack)

My current system is an Asus c101pa chromebook but linux capability is not stable enough and i cant use chrome because of lack of usb hardware support (cant use my with gpg key and )

Other than that, hardware specs of the c101pa are more or less sufficient, weight is most important.

boosts appreciated

climate emergency 

I have enabled a 'demo' account on instance so people do not need to create accounts to try things out.

People seemed to be creating accounts just to try things for a bit and move on. This is obviously fine, but leaves accounts lingering and skews the statistics. The demo account is a bit of an experiment, as we all know what typically happens with demo accounts, but let's see what happens.

Did I understand correctly that I can now(?) use to connect to Anything special needed other than patience?

I don't recall a boring day, ever.

Today is no exception.

@kensanata can you change my handle on trunk from '' to '@mrb' ?

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