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De lijn tussen een vulnerability melden en acquisitie blijkt soms flinterdun.

It would be better for me if my capture process was less efficient...

Dear users - so far maintaining has just been a project I've done out of my own pocket. I would be okay to keep providing the service at cost if we can find a way to cover the hosting + domain costs (~15eu/month). Who would be willing to donate a small amount per month to keep using

EmacsConf 2019 is tomorrow. Even if a conference about Emacs doesn't seem like your thing, it's worth taking a look at how it's being put on.

It's 100% remote, all talks are live streamed, live transcriptions are posted to IRC. Audience questions are taken from a different IRC channel.

It's the conference version of "everybody dials in." I'd like to see more conferences put on this way.

Byte juggling finished for my laptop. Now running 2 SSDs with in raid1 profile. Backup of disk goes to NAS with rsync. (Want to add some sort of snapshotting to that)

dd also copies the disk/fs UUIDs when cloning a disk


Migrating my config to a ( based setup.

Easy to start, but this will take quite a while to configure for an efficient workflow.

Also, an emacs-lisp language server is not in the list, first thing I looked for. Duh.

Hmm, I was under the *impression* that _some_ text `formatting` was supported by mastodon
( see )

Is that instance specific? Am I missing something?

The amount of mail without the required 'Message-ID' and 'Date' headers crossed my annoyance-threshold.

Here's a solution, using postfix:

In postfix/

`always_add_missing_headers = yes

In postfix/header_checks.pcre:

`/^Date:[ ]*$/i STRIP`

This has two effects:

- if Date: header is blank, it will be stripped and logged that this is done
- missing required headers will be generated by postfix, including stripped ones

If you're doing any work with , get a copy of It's a huge time-saver! Creates and restores database snapshots quickly. Much faster than pg_dump/pg_restore

Trying to get running natively on my Asus C101PA ("flip") after rage-quitting chromeos due to lack of and support.

Mostly done. Biggest hurdle now: suspend by putting the lid down doesn't resume, halts the machine.

Is there an accepted number of attempts to master before being allowed to give up?

@mdbraber Any ETA for upgrading the instance to version 3.x ?

Migrated to mu(4e) from notmuch for my email; took me "only" 3 days.

Main reasons:
- rationale of 'state in maildir only' helps me keep sane when using many machines
- refiling messages is natively supported
- format=flowed support
- UI of mu4e, especially compose and attachment handling
- less glue needed to have a complete workflow

Things I lost:
- remote use over ssh (although the 'mu server' paradigm gives me hope)
- tagging

It's all a lot simpler now.

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