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Contemplating an note 2 device. Any useful insights?

- read and annotate PDF (scientific, programming, reference)
- "normal" book reading
- longer text writing (with external BT/USB keyboard)
- sketching of technical prototypes

Required for any programmer.

Watch it when you have 2 hours of time; it's most effective to watch in one go:

I really want to like magit forge in ; it's so nicely integrated, but it is way to slow to be practical for me.

Needed to change my graphics drivers from to for an application. Man, that closed driver is a lot faster than nouveau. Feels like I have a fresh laptop.

I'd like to 3D print a phonecase for my Xiaomi Mi Mix so I can choose color, material etc.

Not looking forward to the design process, even something simple takes me ages. Haven't found other usable designs yet for that model.

bisecting a program that compiles for 2 hours is not my kind of fun

Bij onze bakker wisten ze niet wat 'fries roggebrood' was.


De lijn tussen een vulnerability melden en acquisitie blijkt soms flinterdun.

It would be better for me if my capture process was less efficient...

Dear users - so far maintaining has just been a project I've done out of my own pocket. I would be okay to keep providing the service at cost if we can find a way to cover the hosting + domain costs (~15eu/month). Who would be willing to donate a small amount per month to keep using

EmacsConf 2019 is tomorrow. Even if a conference about Emacs doesn't seem like your thing, it's worth taking a look at how it's being put on.

It's 100% remote, all talks are live streamed, live transcriptions are posted to IRC. Audience questions are taken from a different IRC channel.

It's the conference version of "everybody dials in." I'd like to see more conferences put on this way.

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