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got itself back on my 'always started' list

Somehow there seems to be a renewed interest in ?

@vc4all Is het een idee om in de serverlijst een indicatie van 'drukte' op te nemen? Of de rustigste bovenaan te zetten o.i.d.

@klaatu @renor Yes, we tried the Jitsi Meet instance at last week and found it to have way too much lag.

That's why this week we're trying a #JitsiMeet instance hosted locally in our country by a community member. It *still *has too much lag to be useful.

Yet, all the centralised videoconf services have no problem keeping up on exactly the same network and computers in this building.

So, what's Jitsi Meet doing differently that makes it so laggy, and can it be markedly improved?

Some sort of primer on would be very helpful these days for many people to help them interpret the numbers better.

(Not in the least for journalists publishing those numbers)

So I think more people who are able should set up, share access to and promote use of federated software 🤓

And if you want to set up an #xmpp server in happy to help along the way

I'm painfully reminded each day travelling how much more effective my desktop setup is.

After forgetting to run '--migrate' for the umpteenth time, it's now part of the deploy script for , so.. yay!

As usual, it literally takes 5 minutes to add it to the recipe, yet I find myself having lots of these "yeah, need to do that at some point" tasks lingering for months.

Just stumbled upon searching for ways to support different people in a project with basic formatting rules. Looks like it's spot on. (I haven't dived in yet)

I'm a bit surprised I can't recall seeing this before. Is it me, or is this just not used much?

#TIL about #Librerouter, a project that aims to make it easier for non-geek rural communities to create #MeshNetworks. The project outputs include an #OpenHardware router with a #FreeCode OS:

Transferred my youtube subscriptions to

Not sure yet what this will bring me exactly, but it feels like an accomplishment. ;-)

At least I can stay logged out from youtube now.

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