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@mdbraber Is er een upgrade te verwachten van van 3.0.1 naar 3.1.4 ?

I'm not sure if I like @nextcloud becoming something of a kitchensync for "everything that runs on a server".

Do one thing. Do that well. comes to mind.

reclaiming diskspace: give me first twice as much diskspace; after that I will return more to you.

oh well, vacuum full it is

The bitstamp API at:

delivers different data than on their tradeview.
(check with `watch -n1 curl URL` for example and compare with their on site tradeview)

See example trace here:

Note the bogus(?) lines with over $8k 'last' value of

This has been the case for a couple of days now.

Am I missing something or is the api broken?

i just joined #mastodon and noticed it's tough to find active people to follow. #trunk has built themed lists, which are a great start, but many accounts are stale and there's a lot of clicking to navigate online.

so last night i played with #trunk's API and packaged up some filtering and automation into #python/#selenium so all i have to do is 1 click confirm. i put it on gh this morning for other #newbies like me.

The best machine I've ever had:

The most important thing for me is that it's perfectly balanced, feature-wise.
Very silent, screen is large enough, battery life is great, fairly open hardware set, repairable, perfect.

It has a great keyboard and no trackpad! With a fast SSD and the bigger battery for it, it gets me a whole day of research and writing. A true joy to use while traveling.

For those in the know:

ok, I know, I know... I should not provision or deploy anything without

Starting...... now!

Jitsi Meet: How many video participants in a single conference room can a self hosted server support? Didn't find a good answer so I tried it out myself:

Maybe try looking for people in public rooms:

There are quite a lot discussions happening there :)

got itself back on my 'always started' list

Somehow there seems to be a renewed interest in ?

@vc4all Is het een idee om in de serverlijst een indicatie van 'drukte' op te nemen? Of de rustigste bovenaan te zetten o.i.d.

@klaatu @renor Yes, we tried the Jitsi Meet instance at last week and found it to have way too much lag.

That's why this week we're trying a #JitsiMeet instance hosted locally in our country by a community member. It *still *has too much lag to be useful.

Yet, all the centralised videoconf services have no problem keeping up on exactly the same network and computers in this building.

So, what's Jitsi Meet doing differently that makes it so laggy, and can it be markedly improved?

Some sort of primer on would be very helpful these days for many people to help them interpret the numbers better.

(Not in the least for journalists publishing those numbers)

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