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The app is truly a joy to use.

Quality of the app is top notch. Especially the interface design is worth a look.

- every ui element gets introduced on first use
- good use of tap and tap-and-hold (roughly: toggle vs configure)
- a very interesting widget design to fine-tune showing amenities without losing oversight
- the interface stays very clean which is important for mapping applications.

a rare gem

It's been a while, but I'm letting spam callers again listen to the screaming monkeys.

Trigger was a 'Infinity inquirer' (?) series of calls on "investment advice survey" which would only stop after i took a survey (so they said. Obviously, I didn't take the survery)

Turns out that the default 10k api v3 units is ridiculously low. (this used to be 1M units!)

"Welcome to My Garden is a platform allowing citizens to put their garden freely at disposal as a rudimentary #campsite to travelers. It's a not-for-profit initiative set up by a group of citizens."
" you can only reach the campground by foot, bicycle or public transport. Getting there with your private car is forbidden"
"This is not Dour Festival"
#camping #biking #belgium #cartography

My based blog program has bitrotted a bit too much.

Instead of fixing the code, it seems does pretty much everything I want. Tempted to just use .

My main need is format as a first class citizen (probably using ?)

Took me a whole day to consolidate my configuration to + setup.

Goal was simplification.

- systemd config mistakes can lead to silent failures
- I will never master shell script quoting
- moving window (frame) management to a window manager completely is not trivial
- emacsclient has hardcoded action for -a flag, which makes using sockets harder

Full config published here: turns out to be near perfect for what I need!

It does everything I need, except the manually written notes get rotated / moved on the stream using the onyx ereader.

So close....

The app is worth checking out in any case, it's of higher quality than most apps out there. Very well done.

For this specific usecase, I ended up using and sharing my screen typing away in an document.

( would be so useful if it worked with my ereader.

For example, teaching math to my nephew using , I miss a 'shareable piece of paper and pen'

@mdbraber Is er een upgrade te verwachten van van 3.0.1 naar 3.1.4 ?

I'm not sure if I like @nextcloud becoming something of a kitchensync for "everything that runs on a server".

Do one thing. Do that well. comes to mind.

reclaiming diskspace: give me first twice as much diskspace; after that I will return more to you.

oh well, vacuum full it is

The bitstamp API at:

delivers different data than on their tradeview.
(check with `watch -n1 curl URL` for example and compare with their on site tradeview)

See example trace here:

Note the bogus(?) lines with over $8k 'last' value of

This has been the case for a couple of days now.

Am I missing something or is the api broken?

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