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Nederlandse cryptobedrijven doen een oproep aan DNB: "Geef ons aub die registratie..."

Dit dient voor 21-11 rond te zijn, zodat ze hun bedrijfsvoering kunnen voortzetten. Het wordt zeer spannend... 👇🏻🤔

Dank @PatrickvdMeijde & Andries Doets.

An initial order of @RaptorCompSys
products for the Vikings Store has been placed minutes ago! #TalosII and #TalosIILite is coming to Europe soon, as single items and ready-to-go workstations/servers. Check here for an update soon™. /thum

Getting proficient enough with the keyboard not to pull my own hair out...

...but I'm still grinding my teeth

Turns out that @darktable has now a Mastodon account! One of the most ambitious open source projects I use regularly

Tired from hiking I had to stop and think for way to long to understand what was happening here.

Why do so few email clients support bounce? It's so incredibly useful!

main issue: C-m is 'mute tab' and i just want it to be 'return'

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version 81 and still no configurable keyboard shortcuts....sigh

Unlearning 7 years of muscle memory is rather frustrating

The 'European Keyboard Layout' ( is perfect for the keyboard.

All the common stuff in the us layout as the defaults, but with many additions that are then within reach in the atreus programmable options.

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