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I had some display freeze issues in . To my surprise, using the 'Lucid' toolkit instead of 'GTK' solved the problem. (2 weeks of testing showed no problems)

After reading

I decided to switch to make the swithc to Lucid permanent as I have a couple of the problems listed there.

It's mainly an invisible change for me. Basically the only time I see a difference is when emacs throws a yes/no dialog at me.

Somehow I overlooked the function `mu4e-view-toggle-hide-cited` which is include with mu4e.

This does 99% of what I need.

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Looking for a way in to have quoted text in emails collapsed in message-mode.

I envision something like have it all collapsed and replaced by something like '[...]' which could then be used as a toggle.

Anyone have any pointers before I dive into regex hell to write my own.

The best I could find is which seem to provide a generic solution which could be adapted.

Emacs survey results are out! Lots of interesting tidbits: people love magit, ivy and flycheck, and a striking number of respondents are fairly new to Emacs! This seems great for the health of the community.

Does anyone have any recommendations for Linux-related peertube channels?

I wish the keyboard had an extra usb in its center where my would sit.

It would make it easy to press, which I do quite a lot during the day.

It would also remind me to take it out if I leave my machine unattended, thus keeping the key safe and locking my machine

Microsoft has spoken!

As previously stated, your IPs do not qualify for mitigation at this time. I do apologize, but I am unable to provide any details about this situation since we do not have the liberty to discuss the nature of the block.

We regret that we are unable to provide any additional information or assistance at this time.

Best regards, Deliverability Support
😡 So after yet another try, we ended up with the same template reply 😠

I never understood why this happens in Mastodon. I follow a guy that posts super interesting stuff. I wanted to know who he follows, because some of them might interest me as well.

But although he follows 48 people, I see none of them. And I can see only 3 people that follow him.

While I now am reasonably effective on the keyboard, I can't work on any other "normal" keyboard anymore... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

RT @CryptocastNL

Nederlandse cryptobedrijven doen een oproep aan DNB: "Geef ons aub die registratie..."

Dit dient voor 21-11 rond te zijn, zodat ze hun bedrijfsvoering kunnen voortzetten. Het wordt zeer spannend... 👇🏻🤔

Dank @PatrickvdMeijde & Andries Doets.

An initial order of @RaptorCompSys
products for the Vikings Store has been placed minutes ago! #TalosII and #TalosIILite is coming to Europe soon, as single items and ready-to-go workstations/servers. Check here for an update soon™. /thum

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