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For anyone that does research by searching the internet for images... Have you noticed the the web of images is drying up?

These days everything goes to Instagram, which is the text book definition of a walled garden. Without an account you can't see anything.

What I usually find when searching are old pictures on Flickr or some blog that was abandoned in 2010. I'd say 80% of the hits I get is from the pre-Insta era.

Is there a mastodon or other instance for entrepreneurs, founders and freelancers?

That's what sticks in my craw here. Not the policy part, not the (naive, flawed) implementation. Somebody asked the Chromium team to restrict students access to devtools and source code, and there wasn't even a discussion.

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So... what's the sensible way to backup my android phone?

no root (yet, this is the reason I need a backup now)

dont want a google account signin based solution.

adb backup does not work anymore (deprecated)

If there was and distribution without any lisp packages bundled, I'd probably use that.

There is a brand new #Firefox add-on which copies selected parts of a web page copied as #orgmode syntax into your clipboard:

Use, enjoy and consider donating!

This holiday, I cracked my screen on my #fairphone 2. Now, back home, I have spare parts (second hand broken fairphone, kept for parts, really). Took me less than 2 minutes to replace the screen.

We need all electronics designed for repair. #righttorepair

Just in time for my contribution. Slightly different cat of mastodon though. ;-)

hey fediverse! does anybody know of a command line interface for interacting with org-mode tasks? I'm trying to figure out a way to script things like "add a new task," "complete a task" etc

#askFedi #emacs #orgmode

If you're a Non-Apple user but still want to use something like AirDrop, could be for you.

Just out of curiosity. Can anyone recommend any tech video channels made by more diverse sets of people? With focus on e.g. Linux, *BSD, hardware, privacy-focused FLOSS phones/tablets? Also I'm interested in social aspects of computation & networking.

I'm sick of watching tech videos made by tech bros.

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