Movie recommendation: Extinction (2018). If you're into sci-fi, this one is worth it in my opinion.

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Het is lang geleden, maar een goed idee om weer eens een in te stellen. Met actieve NL Mastodon gebruikers:

Wie ben ik nog vergeten? :-)


Here are my favorite versions of this very minimalistic concept. And an impression of what this could look like as an app or on avatar.

I initially picked the color at random, but I must say I like how vibrant it is.

What do you think? Is it something that fits with your idea? We can change it to be more playful or more clean if you want.

Or if you don't like it, I can try some other things.

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@anfora Then I realized that it's not really about the camera or a vase. It's about the photo's that you're sharing on the platform.

So I explored some ideas with photographs as the main focus. I have some concepts, which I will send you after work. It's incredibly minimal/simple, which I think is very powerful for a logo.

Without seeing any of the concepts, is this a reasoning you can get behind?

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@anfora I have explored many ideas for an Anfora logo and I made some mockups that I'm personally happy with.

At first, I went down the path of a logo with a camera. Kind of expected for an app that is an alternative to Instagram. I tried many different approaches, but didn't really like any of them.

I also tried to come up with a design including an amphora vase, but I couldn't come up with anything that looked nice. And I don't really think it adds to the experience of the user.

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I'm learning about closed #ecosystems and I made my first pond in a #jar today.

Aesthetically wise I'm pretty satisfied with the result, will see if it will really last forever.

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Morning folks.

Before you do anything, take care of yourself. Get some food, drink water, meditate, make sure you have your meds, etc.

Your day will just go better if you get what you need first. Promise.

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RT How? Why?

This sounds like a big VIRTUE SIGNAL for GIRL POWER.

I hate that my gender is being used to up someone's ego! "Look how progressive we are for making a YOUNG WOMAN OF COLOR into a genious." She is nothing more than a object to people who state this.


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Hello guys....let's make it more fun by adding our photos to our profile

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@anfora I see you are looking for someone to help you with a logo. Do you have some ideas already?

I'm a designer. Mostly UI/UX instead of visual. But I wouldn't mind giving it a shot.

Free contribution of course.

My Twitter timeline is actually not that bad? 

I only follow nice and creative people that share information and have civil conversations. My timeline is great on there.

What did everyone do to get this toxic content I read so much about?

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well, you know what they say. sometimes you take the shower, and sometimes the shower takes you.

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In other news: Homemade tepache is fantastic with a light beer!

I've never been in Mexico, but they know what they're doing over there! 🇲🇽

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That moment when you realise that the last time you were in a bar, your baby kicked your bladder and you had an accident in front of a group of older gentlemen

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I'm told the tester limit is now 10000 users rather than 1000. So signups are open again, since there is lots of space!

Just remember, this is still a beta! Not everything works. No content warnings, no federated timeline, no search, no autocompletion for user names, and so on.

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Happy Friday, folks.

I’m glad your here and exist with me. It’s more fun together.

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I think a good way for us all to meet each other is to do the #followfriday thing. Remember that from the good old days of Twitter?

While there's a lot of new folks (myself included), it'll be great to discover cool new pals.

My follow recommendations this week:
- @laura
- @jag
- @heydon
- @Tatianamac
- @jina

Happy Friday, Pals 🙂

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