Drought reveals long lost 'Spanish Stonehenge' in Extremadura reservoir.

This year's drought may be a nightmare for farmers, but for archaeology buffs it has an unexpected silver lining.

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Paganism in Poland

POLAND — This European Union member state is a bastion of Roman Catholicism, with as many as 37 million adherents (87.5% of the total population) today. Yet, even in Poland, one of the most Christianized European countries, Pagan religions are growing within the shadow of the Church. Today, that population is still dwarfed by its Catholic counterpart, but its loyal practitioners continue to cultivate a Pagan thriving subculture.

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Ayahuasca, Een spirituele drug?
Ayahuasca is een drank die door Sjamanen in Zuid Amerika gebruikt wordt om inzichten en vragen be­ant­woord te krijgen. Er is zelfs een kerk rond deze drug...

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Een professionele heks vertelt hoe ze haar geld verdient.

Lunadea kan inmiddels rondkomen van hekserij. “Elke week krijg ik wel het verzoek om een vloek bij iemand op te heffen.”

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Pan-Celtic Hoofbeats: Finding Your Patron Deity

I notice a lot of new Pagans asking how to find a patron deity. They often sound worried about not having one yet, or not sure how this miracle is supposed to take place.

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Archaeologist Shows How The People Who Lived Thousands Of Years Before Us Really Looked And The Result Is Amazing

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The Gods Are Not Personal Vending Machines, Doing The Work Is Crucial...

I know that there are people who are not fond of the phrase “work with the gods” because to them, it implies that the gods are tools. On the contrary, I see that phrase as expressing a reciprocal relationship.

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Yes, Hekate Is Political, Witchcraft Is Political, That’s Just How It Is!

Hekate is a goddess of the marginalized. Witchcraft is a tool of the disenfranchised. I’m not the first to blog about this, have blogged on similar topics in the past, and others have made some excellent points that I will try not to repeat too much.

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Deeper Into Lughnasadh

Also known as Lammas, or First Harvest, the name of this festival as Lughnasadh is Irish Gaelic for "Commemoration of Lugh".

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Wiccan Rede Magazine
- Lughnasadh 2019

In een aantal artikelen in dit Lughnasadh-nummer van Wiccan Rede Online staat transformatie centraal: onomkeerbare verandering. In het interview houdt Isidora Laveau de lezer een spiegel voor vanaf de rand van de samenleving. Medeia noemt de maanlanding en geeft ook een voorbeeld van een heel andere verandering (zie ook het redactioneel). Gus diZerega heeft het in zijn twee artikelen over veranderingen in wetenschap en cultuur.


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