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Booked my train ride from to for a conference. With 13 hours, probably my longest train ride, yet. Should I trust that 30 minutes for changing trains in is enough buffer?

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Heads-up to my fellow metalheads: I have a female-fronted, lovecraftian-themed #DoomMetal solo project called Carcinizer!

You can check out my debut song "The Day It Came from the Sky" on Bandcamp:


Enjoy! 🤘🦀🤘

#MastoAudio #Metal #MastoRadio #Lovecraft #Lovecraftian

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Wie angekündigt befreien wir bei
das Handelsregister. Da das allerdings komplizierter als erwartet ist, stellen wir heute einen 100GB Forschungsdatensatz bereit.
Die daraus gewonnenen Erkenntnisse wollen wir in der weiteren Auswertung nutzen.

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Thanks for your feedback and suggestions for
I am planning to implement some of them, at least the ones that are easy to do (Pause button, rudimentary tag support). Since my primary objective is to make ViralFM useful for more users.

Since you are a developer yourself, feel free to pick issues up yourself, I'd be super thrilled to accept code contributions as well.

Since I didn't know whom to follow I just randomly followed everyone also named "Peter".
Coincidentally that gave me the least diverse timeline ever.

Just as a ballpark estimate I assume there is one ball park on 100.000 inhabitants, with roughly 8 billion people on earth that should be 80.000 ball parks

Ich plane gerade unseren Deutschland-Urlaub.
Empfehlungen für Veranstaltungen und Konzerte im und nächste Woche?

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Is anyone interested in the domain (kurzwelle = german for shortwave)? It expires soon and I should finally stop hoarding domains.

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Title: Tell Me
Artist: The Invisible Minds

The random songs I am playing from Jamendo seem to have certain qualities, that I associate with Creative Commons Music, but I cannot put my finger on it.

I am writing a Mastodon Bot that gives updates, that might be annoying to some.
Is there a way to mark toots in a way that they are hidden by default, but can be seen by followers that opt-in?

(The alternative to this, would be to create a new account for only bot-traffic, but then I would have to maintain a separate follower list)

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Deutschland ist dabei, seine Energieabhängigkeit von Russland in hohem Tempo zu verringern und die Energieversorgung auf eine breitere Basis zu stellen. Aktuelle Zahlen zeigen, dass in den letzten Wochen deutliche Fortschritte gemacht wurden.

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rudolf scharping shitpost 

punctured bicycle on a hillside desolate
will nature make a man of me yet?
when in this scharping car
this scharping man

My new toot feature let's me toot the songs ViralFM randomly fed me and I ended up liking.
In this case some kind of Hairrock.

Title: Take me home
Artist: Hoovers

I really love this song!
Title: Gravity
Artist: Josh Woodward

Also I am testing the toot feature of ViralFM!

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Introducing! 🎉

A few days ago, @kev asked the community for help maintaining his side-project, This got me thinking.

There are loads of maintainers out there feeling burnt out, but they can't abandon their project since people are depending on the project to be maintained.

In an effort to combat this, I built a website that lists projects looking for new maintainers. It's still quite empty and has some rough edges, so any feedback is very welcome.

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