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Can you see the numbers in their silhouettes?
Here is my illustration to wish the end of the pandemic for 2021. Let's hope it will happen.
Happy New Year!

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Hilfe gebraucht - Signal ohne Play Services!

Freundin hat Signal deinstalliert. Beim Neuinstallieren-Registrieren der Nummer scheitert es wegen fehlender Play Services. Auch die APK von der Homepage funktioniert auf diesem Wege nicht.

Habt ihr Ideen, wie wir das Problem lösen können? Oder kennt jemanden, der jemanden kennt?

Sehr gerne pushen ;-)

I wrote a little program to download and play it in a random rotation until I have enough of a specific song.
This helps me to find I like without much effort.
Currently it only gets music from but more sources like are planned.

The idea is that in the future my most played songs can be shared on so that users get automatically fed what their friends like.

It is hosted on through @codeberg

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🤡 <----- people who blame github for the RIAA takedown notice of youtube-dl, but pay for music streaming services that fund the RIAA.

Cancel those subscriptions, and go here...

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Rogue archivist Carl Malamud isn't a mere open-access advocate: he's a highly specialized open-access ninja, laser-focused on access to the law, which is weird, because you'd assume that the law is public by default.

And it has been, historically. But the neoliberal era, with its emphasis on starving governments of the budgets needed to do their work, offset by private-public partnerships that shift core government functions to for-profit entities, has been a disaster for access to law.


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Ich hab inzwischen fast alle Tricks ausprobiert:

- Maske möglichst hoch und Brille über der Maske
- Oberen Teil der Maske umklappen
- Taschentuch einlegen
- Maske möglichst eng tragen

Die Brille beschlägt trotzdem. So eng kann die Maske gar nicht anliegen, dass die Luft nicht trotzdem nach oben entweicht.

Weiß noch jemand etwas, außer teure Spezialprodukte (wie Anti-Beschlag-Spray oder Spezialmasken)?

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Decades of complacency in monopoly has reduced the Web to five giant sites filled with screenshots of the other four (h/t @tveastman). Read our analysis of the EU's (leaked) plan to do something about it

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Animal Race for first place. The winners of the 4 qualifier races:

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I wonder whether there is something "hacker cells" that are small groups of people with differing experience levels that commit to help each other on projects and developing skills.

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As a professional software developer I really enjoy working in a small team.
Having developers with different backgrounds that have a interest in supporting and training each other makes everyone benefit from each other.
Developing in my spare time, I often do not experience the same thing. There is great and helpful communities out there, but it feels more anonymous and I would be hesitant to ask for code reviews, or someone to explain something to me in a call.

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Ich bin nicht sicher, ob die momentane Kritik an #GitHub nicht zu kurz greift. Ja, Zentralisierung ist problematisch. Allerdings machen Plattformen wie GitHub viele kleine Projekte erst möglich weil sie Infrastruktur bereitstellen und das Projekt überhaupt erst auffindbar machen.
Kleinere Hoster würden bei einer Sperrverfügung noch viel eher einknicken weil sie sonst selbst haftbar würden. Wichtiger sind Mirror und Codesigning, damit man weiß welche der Kopien vertrauenswürdig sind.

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#Microsoft #Edge für #Linux ist da. Habe ja hier und da von Leuten gehört, die diesen Browser tatsächlich verwenden wollen, da er datenschutzmäßig ja besser sei als Chrome oder sogar Brave.

Ich hab mir mal angesehen, was Edge rausfunkt, ohne einen einzigen Klick gemacht, geschweige denn den Datenschutzbestimmungen zugestimmt zu haben - er wurde lediglich gestartet (Spoiler: 20 HTTP(S) Requests und 29 DNS A Queries). #Datenschutz #Privacy

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Six Reasons You Should Delete WhatsApp

It’s time to choose a more trustworthy messenger service.…


WhatsApp really, really wants to access all of your #contacts, and not just those who use the platform. According to their terms of service, users “provide the phone numbers of #WhatsApp users and your other contacts in your #mobile phone #address book on a regular basis. You confirm you are authorised to provide us such numbers to allow us to provide our services.”

Technically, you can refuse access, but WhatsApp will reprimand you by not showing any of the names of your message threads – pretty annoying for a #messenger platform – and will prevent you from making calls or starting group #messages or broadcasts.

If you do allow it access, WhatsApp will be able to read the information of everyone from your gynaecologist to your dealer. There’s ongoing debate as to whether or not this is even #legal under The #EU’s General Data Protection Regulation #GDPR, which forbids the sharing of personal #data without consent. Say you know someone who doesn’t use WhatsApp, but is saved as a contact in your phone. Their #phone number is shared with WhatsApp, without their #consent.

#privacy #security #technology #Signal #telegram #Threema #wickr #wire #WA #facebook #instagram #news #e2ee #google #apple

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