I wrote a little program to download and play it in a random rotation until I have enough of a specific song.
This helps me to find I like without much effort.
Currently it only gets music from but more sources like are planned.

The idea is that in the future my most played songs can be shared on so that users get automatically fed what their friends like.

It is hosted on through @codeberg

@peter @codeberg why not just use @funkwhale. HTTPS:// seems to do what you just made and supports activitypub.

@jeroen @funkwhale @codeberg

I haven't heard of it. I will definitely check it out.


Thanks for introducing me to @funkwhale and! These are definitely cool projects.

The projects are differently though. While Funkwhale is a streaming server, ViralFM is a client application downloading music and playing it locally.

@peter @funkwhale OK. I download and listen with @otter from my funkwhale instance.. but that's just because I'm more a network guy and lack the software skills to do it differently ;)

@peter I used a similar program called iRate long years ago. It would download songs that were licensed for personal use and let you thumbs and thumbs down. That program introduced me to so much new music! I've missed that, thanks for writing this!

@mondstern @codeberg

Thanks, I've hastily added a logo, since it helps promoting it :)


big thanks so i can pint itt in acryl

and my list is growing



@mondstern @codeberg

Maybe wait a little bit before it settles for a final version.
This is just what I came up hastily scaling down a public domain image of a virus I found.

Hopefully there could be a nicer logo soon :D

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