During these times when the #privacy-invading practices of #WhatsApp are brought into light, it might be good to check back again with #DeltaChat:


I had only checked them back when they were just getting started, and encryption was still in the works. Today, encryption is built-in using #autocrypt and they offer even clients for the desktop.

Has anyone tried it?

Yet another privacy respecting chat app nobody I know uses?

@peter @kzimmermann I was looking for something like this a few years back and didn't find it. Might take it for a spin ...


@robertfromont @kzimmermann

It does sound like something I wanted, too.
I will have a look.

Is it something I can send out to my family members, without them needing a specific app?

@peter in theory yes, as if the other people don't use this app delta will fall back to plain email (it is email, after all), so can be read with any email client.

But first heed the warnings in this thread about whether this is appropriate for your threat model or not:



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