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"Existing climate scenarios assume that the global North should continue to consume vastly more energy and resources per capita than the global South, for the rest of the century." - Jason Hickel

History will show that perpetuating this massive global inequality we western people are all a part of, will be met by future generations with as much disdain as slave trade. We need to face up to our actions: rapid #degrowth in the rich countries is an ethical necessity.

Für eine illegale Osterparty fehlen mir einfach die Eier

Do changelings suffer from imposter syndrome?

For a non-US cititizen it is easy think of President Trump as one of the best US presidents in recent history, since he contributed less to destabilize the world.
Not for the lack of trying though, mostly due to his incompetence.

@antranigv Like a keyboard with a physical eggplant key?

Get the same tattoo and replace the wolves with raccoons or something else you like.

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I too would prefer a decentralized messaging app.
Nevertheless moving from using WhatsApp to Threema and Telegram doesn't sound like a bad move at this moment.

What are the alteratives?

@robertfromont @kzimmermann

It does sound like something I wanted, too.
I will have a look.

Is it something I can send out to my family members, without them needing a specific app?

Dasselbe Argument dient Twitter und Facebook zu sagen "Es ist nicht unsere Aufgabe zu entscheiden was gesagt werden kann und was nicht".
Aber ich denke da liegt doch eine Verantwortung bei den Betreibern.
Problematisch wird es nur, wenn Amazon, Facebook und Twitter die einzigen Alternativen sind sich öffentlich zu äußern.

Yet another privacy respecting chat app nobody I know uses?

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Can you see the numbers in their silhouettes?
Here is my illustration to wish the end of the pandemic for 2021. Let's hope it will happen.
Happy New Year!


Don't you mean to use a preincrement operator:

Happy ++$year?

And as always, the US is quarreling over something, that has been adopted nearly everywhere else in the world already.

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Hilfe gebraucht - Signal ohne Play Services!

Freundin hat Signal deinstalliert. Beim Neuinstallieren-Registrieren der Nummer scheitert es wegen fehlender Play Services. Auch die APK von der Homepage funktioniert auf diesem Wege nicht.

Habt ihr Ideen, wie wir das Problem lösen können? Oder kennt jemanden, der jemanden kennt?

Sehr gerne pushen ;-)

@mondstern @codeberg

Maybe wait a little bit before it settles for a final version.
This is just what I came up hastily scaling down a public domain image of a virus I found.

Hopefully there could be a nicer logo soon :D


Thanks for introducing me to @funkwhale and! These are definitely cool projects.

The projects are differently though. While Funkwhale is a streaming server, ViralFM is a client application downloading music and playing it locally.

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