@unfa next plugin gonna be a sampler
Drops Really Only Plays Samples

*pats himself on shoulder for coming up with a clever name*

either the sheet music uses smaller and smaller notes or my eyes are getting weaker and weaker

Playing with Ninjas 2 - a loop slicer plugin by @rghvdberg . It's in AUR, and it looks very cool!
You can start playing your loop in seconds!

€1,66 for a liter of gasoline. Holy f.

:masto: Hey!

I know I'm a Void & I usually don't meddle in human biz, but would it be possible if you amazing artists & other imagery creators/sharers could use the image description feature?

Just writing something descriptive like "drawing of a bunch of unicorns" would be a great help for people who use screen readers!

:fediverse: If you already do this but sometimes forget, @PleaseCaption is a cool bot that only follows you if you follow it first & it reminds you to caption your images! <3

My wife decided we could do some extra newspaper delivery today.
"Only a few streets"

got mp3 loading working in the sample slicer plugin now !!
\o/ πŸŽ‰ 🎈 🎡 🎹 🍾 πŸ™ƒ

Showed to a fellow newspaper delivery person.
"ooohhh, that's so handy! What's that called? Open street map?"

Spread the love people, spread the love.

Ok noob question. I see these polls in Mastodon but I only get brackets. How do I tick them?

I think I may have resolved a long standing bug which occasionally resulted in bringing the plugin and the host down.

What a relief 😌

Oh cool. My first video game console on display here.

Having a good time with the family at the video game museum

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