So Microsoft is talking about a takeover of $10 billion.

If you say it quicky, it's not all that special, but let's write it differently: $ TEN BILLION DOLLARS!

For context: we're basically talking about a service that does WebRTC, the stuff that they could easily integrate into something like Teams themselves, probably witin just a few weeks. But no, TEN BILLION DOLLARS doesn't seem completely and totally outrageous...

How many refugees could you help for that money, I wonder...

The world has gone mad. Completely and totally bonkers!

WSJ News Exclusive | Microsoft Is in Exclusive Talks to Acquire Discord

A deal valuing the chat app at $10 billion or more could help Microsoft boost both its videogame business and its social-networking footprint.

@Vincent van den Bergh Maybe we should spell that as "Microschoft" from now on. For those who don't speak Dutch: "schoft" means something like "bastard" or "asshole".

@hans sounds like a decent name. Fits the way they conduct their business.

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