What's the best #XMPP server that a person could set up for themselves?

Kind of wouldn't mind having instant messaging again.
Okay, the answers seem to universally be Prosody! πŸ˜…
Hopefully this isn't as complicated to set up as a mail server. πŸ˜“

@sean Setting up an email server can have a fairly easy start at least. 1) Rent a VPS. 2) Install Debian9, and Yunohost. 3) Then install the Roundcube app (and optionally Nextcloud app) in Yunohost, and you have a working email server. However, for it to make it actually deliver most/all emails well, you need to set PTR in your DNS settings, and optionally SPF and DMARC. If you have some spare money for a basic VPS, then try . A really super awesome project ! πŸ‘Œ yunohost.org

@Ajz @sean AFAIK, Roundcube is a web-client for email, not an email server.

Does #YunoHost come with an email server installed by default for which Roundcube serves as a client?

@njoseph @Ajz @sean Yes, the mail server is working out of the box with DKIM and other things (modulo the port forwarding and DNS configuration explained in the documentation, which you gotta do by hand)

@yunohost @njoseph @sean That is even cooler than I expected πŸ˜€ I really like the SSO with LDAP and email and domains with Yunohost but I never read the admin manuals thoroughly, and I have the habit of using the nameservers of my domain provider. Also, I found Yunohost nice for quickly testing software, like testing a Matrix server a year ago. Awesome rocks! 🀩

@Ajz And it has an xmpp server out of the box as well

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