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This is my main Mastodon account from now on. I have moved from to
I hope you will follow me here (again).
Toots will be in Dutch and English. CU!😎

I visit Mastodon less and less. Why? There is not much that keeps me here. I'm finished reading in 2 minutes, can't find more people to follow that really interest me. Other people are not really interested in what I've got to say. So there is not much reason to stay. Back to Twitter, I guess. I will be visiting infrequently though. But I think my second try to make something of Mastodon is failing.

Cats are incredible creatures. They sleep in the most peculiar places. For instance: on this scanner.

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Macca decides to squeeze even more revenues from 'Egypt Station': Paul McCartney Preps Unreleased Tracks for ‘Egypt Station Traveler’s Edition’ #vinyl

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Did you know there's an #opensource equivalent to Google Street View? It's called #OpenStreetCam, mapping the world's roads with dashcam images, and uses machine learning & computer vision to improve #OpenStreetMaps. It's easy to get started, so check it out and contribute today! All you need is a phone, a car, and a mount.

Recently, Telenav has partnered with Waylens to create customised cams to contribute with. This box just arrived over the weekend :) Happy mapping!

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Hello, World!

This is the first blog post about Marmota, a distributed and Free Software alternative to Spotify (and by extension the majority of the music streaming services)

Boosts and feedback appreciated!

I know it's mostly a Linux orientated community here, I use it myself as well, but still... I miss my Windows Phone. It was a very useful concept that did not use much memory and had some unique features. And there is nothing wrong with a bit more competition on the smartphone market. Especially when it comes to Google. I really liked the Windows Phone concept.

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Ik weet toch vrijwel zeker dat ik die Google+ account jaren geleden al heb opgeheven. Of heb ik hem toch alleen maar leeggehaald? Afijn, hij is nu helemaal weg. Eindelijk.

Achteraf heb ik toch een beetje spijt van mijn verhuizing naar Een grotere instance als heeft toch zijn voordelen, zoals een peertube en een pixelfed op dezelfde instance. En een makkelijkere connectie met grotere groepen mensen. Meer zoals Twitter inderdaad. Ik overweeg een terugkeer, want mijn account daar is nog aanwezig. Dom gedoe, ik weet het, maar ik ben nog steeds zoekende hier.

@mdbraber Geen pixelfed op Zijn er nog plannen in die richting? Ik heb maar weer een account aangemaakt op .social, maar die kan ik dan weer niet gebruiken vanuit Mastalab.

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WhatsApp is next - and it's been coming for a while 

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Does anybody have any suggestions which music-related accounts to follow? I'm getting a bit tired of the continuous technobabble here.

I just signed on on Pixelfed as
Seems like a nice alternative for those commercial photosites.

I do something wrong here. Whenever I follow someone new my timeline drowns with useless retoots and stupid stuff. Interesting people fade away between numerous loads of shit. Time to reorganise.

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