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🇺🇸 Michelle #Obama letter on today's announcement by the #US Supreme Court overturning legal #abortion in the #Roe decision:

"I am heartbroken today."

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Dat veranderingen vaak niet door praatjesmakers ingezet worden, lijkt ook hier het geval.
Boer Peter Venner heeft bij mij in de klas gezeten vroeger, en was altijd een rustige jongen. Hij was wel de enige die harder kon rennen dan ik op de voetbalclub.


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“I must not backlog.
Backlog is the mind-killer.
Backlog is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my backlog.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the backlog has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

-- The developers lament

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Riesiger Wärmepool im #Pazifik entdeckt

Im #Nordpazifik wurde ein drei Millionen km² großes Meeresgebiet entdeckt, das zur Brutstätte für marine #Hitzewellen geworden ist. In diesem Areal hat sich der #Ozean stärker erwärmt als im Durchschnitt, gleichzeitig sind außergewöhnliche Hitzeschübe dort 4,5-mal häufiger, 3-mal intensiver und 9-mal länger als überall sonst. Ursache dafür ist zu 99% der #anthropogene #Klimawandel, wie das Team ermittelt hat.



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Waldbrände sind auch bei uns in Deutschland Realität. Es ist höchste Zeit, die Abhängigkeit von fossilen Projekten zu stoppen, die die Klimakrise weiter anheizen! 🌏🔥
RT @rbb24
UPDATE: Der #Waldbrand bei #Treuenbrietzen ist aktuell nicht unter Kontrolle. Aufgrund der schnellen Ausbreitung der Flammen hat die Feuerwehr die Evakuierung der Ortsteile Tiefenbrunnen und Frohnsdorf angeordnet. rbb24.de/panorama/beitrag/2022

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“I think the shift to the cloud will happen at such a rapid rate, that in just a few years I predict there will be no more code on your local computer.”, GitHub CEO


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Thinking about Julian Assange today, and the state of speaking Truth to power in the west.
The man has been held in a maximum security prison, with no charges, no trial, no rights, and no voice.
And his crime is exposing the war crimes and corruption of the U.S. government.
In a way, Julian Assange is the Security State taunting all of us, saying, "If you tell the truth about us, we will break the law to destroy you."
Im going to keep living my life, but Im not going to forget this.
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EU's ECT allows fossil fuel corps to sue governments for implementing green policies. Abolishing the treaty is a no brainer, but some EU countries are still on the fence.

Sign the petition and #EndFossilFuelProtection, less than 200k signatures missing!


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Ja maar verkiezingen in maart... Ja maar de BBB...

RT @renekerkwijk@twitter.com

Wat een goed artikel in mijn ⁦@volkskrant@twitter.com⁩ Over propaganda en feiten ontkennen tot je iets hoort wat je goed uitkomt en dat dan feit noemen. Bescherm en koester de wetenschap!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/renekerkwijk/statu

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The Wikimedia Foundation, which owns Wikipedia, has filed an appeal against a Moscow court decision demanding that it remove information related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, arguing that people have a right to know the facts of the war.


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This is exactly the kind of solution to a technical problem that I imagine the great mind of Elon Musk would invent.


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Climate Change -EUPol 

What a huge blow this is for climate change as MEPs killed its climate laws. euobserver.com/green-economy/1

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Using the radioactive decay present in a banana to generate random numbers. Even if you don't appreciate the math/code/hardware behind it, you can appreciate the aesthetic of this Arduino-based generator and banana holder.

Quick explanation: hackster.io/news/the-just-bana

More complex (including code and math/probability), from the developer: valerionappi.it/brng-en/

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“Ce que les constructeurs d'autos ont fabriqué en :

- 2019, quand ils savaient que le carburant de leurs autos réchauffait la planète
- 1973, quand ils suspectaient que le carburant de leurs autos était en quantité limitée”

Trouvé sur r/fuckcars

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I've written a blog post on how American CEOs on average make 1000 times more than a worker, and what that can mean: pivic.mataroa.blog/blog/ceo-to

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