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Hot take: don’t focus on killing or replacing awful services like Facebook or LinkedIn. Focus on building a good alternative for the people who deserve it (i.e. those who can be bothered).

In other words, forget the arguments that go like “but most people won’t want to use this”, or “this is not a real replacement for X”.

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GitNex 2.3.0 just released with:

- Login via token
- Images support in file viewer
- Source code highlight in file viewer
- Offline mode(cache)
- Pull Requests list(open)
- Merge pull request
- Diff view of PR files for public repositories
- Turkish, Ukrainian and Portuguese/Brazilian language support
- Android 10 support
- Refreshed color scheme

Release notes

Play version is available for download, F-droid will soon have it.

#gitnex #gitea #android #app

This weeks music purchase: Sade - Diamond life. Great album!

PS: I've been humming 🎶"smooth operatoooorrrr"🎶 all day and I can't stop 🙈

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Sometimes it feels like #Python is nothing but a mountain of syntactic sugar on hash tables.

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Extremely unpopular opinion among web developers I guess, but most websites should not be programs.

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material design takes some of the worst approaches to UI design I’ve ever seen and i wish people stopped treating everything that comes out of google’s rear end like it’s the fucking gospel

I wish there was a git commit --amend --no-edit for real life.

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overhearing other people in the office talking about people faking barcodes and cashiers being "braindead" and not double checking that the prices seem reasonable on the things they're scanning so someone doesn't get a $100 item for $5 or something

or maybe the just don't give a fuck because there's no incentive for them to give a fuck and given how terrible most retail companies are to their employees, are actively disincentivized from giving a fuck

I bought P!NKs album "Beautifil Trauma" this weekend. Favourite song atm: Revenge. Love the combination of anger, self-reflection and humor in that song 😁

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Spagettiwrangler would be the more correct jobtitle for "wordpress developer".

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Just cancelled my Spotify premium subscription. Two days ago I deployed a @funkwhale instance and I couldn't be happier. It works amazingly well, and in combination with DSub on the phone I've got all my music needs covered.

First thing I did when I had it working, I bought some of the albums that I was listening to from their artists so I could add them to my collection. I have the feeling that money will reach the creators better this way than through my old subscription.
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I don't think I'm into lisp anymore

like I'll use it, mostly for configuring emacs, but I think it's an artifact of my, like, "manic genius" phase that I don't need to (and probably shouldn't) hold onto anymore

Dev test 

How do other manage news?

We have a bunch of news accounts that are continuously posting total bullshit conspiracy theories and spewing hate on and while I have muted most of them it still annoys me that they exist. Their bullshit is the first thing new people on the server will see you know. Do other instances just remove these accounts or is it just as bad over there?

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